Внебрачная дочь Евгения Осина: «Папа меня балует» Anastasia Godunova told why spare the father and who calls a lump of wool. Evgeny Osin from birth, took part in a child’s life, however, not sought to tell the public.
Внебрачная дочь Евгения Осина: «Папа меня балует»

In February, the popular singer admitted that he has a heir, 12-year-old Anastasia Godunov. It turned out, the artist communicated with the daughter since birth, but did not advertise it because he was married to another woman and raised the child from her. The girl understood and was not offended by the famous dad. In an interview with “StarHit” she shared as the first earned money when you go to the father and why her parents want her to marry.

Biblical parables

Nastya, what grade are you?
Внебрачная дочь Евгения Осина: «Папа меня балует»The fifth in a regular school and the same music. Favorite subjects – history and solfeggio. In parallel, go to English language courses. Also teach a family program “the world through the eyes of a child” on the cable channel. Perform at concerts and participate in various projects. —
Here is the schedule! Tell me, what did you spend your first honorarium?
Внебрачная дочь Евгения Осина: «Папа меня балует»Three years ago I paid 3.5 thousand rubles for acting in a “Jumble.” Gave money to the mother. Bought me a dress for performances.REVIEW MOM ELENA GODUNOV: “Nastya started acting in five years. Her first role was in the remake of the movie “Three men in a boat not counting the dog”. Many say that the story of Jack is a PR, but it’s not. To 12 years she built a career as an independent singer and host under a different name. Aspen was not forced, he decided to tell the truth. And until recently, I was against.”—
Surely you have already chosen your future profession?
Внебрачная дочь Евгения Осина: «Папа меня балует»At first I thought that I would be an editor of a magazine about stars such as “StarHit”. I know all the gossip, the morning starts with reading the news on your website – on your phone the application is installed. I’m interested and need to create stories for the program. Once saw Evelina Bledans and remembered what you wrote about her new boyfriend. And he is just standing next to. Shouted to the operator: “take it Off!” But not in time… But now I want to be a singer.
Внебрачная дочь Евгения Осина: «Папа меня балует»
On your dad affected?
Внебрачная дочь Евгения Осина: «Папа меня балует»Of course. One day, when once again came to visit him, was handed the lyrics and the melody and asked to make a full composition. I was four years old. The task I’ve done, and the father advised mother to send me to music school. In five years, he reported. Still sing in the choir and play the piano. Daddy’s song is also performed. Among favorite – “Crying girl in the machine”, “I’m a man from the stars”, “do Not weep”. —
Describe in a few words parents.
Внебрачная дочь Евгения Осина: «Папа меня балует»Dad is a kind and religious man. He goes to Church and tells a different biblical parable. And mom is very active and energetic. She works as the Director of one television program of mine, and even engaged in public relations of group “Old friend”.

Big plans

How often have you seen your dad?
Внебрачная дочь Евгения Осина: «Папа меня балует»Visit a few times a week. Now dad’s a broken rib – from the motorcycle fell. Feel sorry for him. Together watch movies. He has a huge collection, all laid out on shelves, old paintings, foreign, cartoons… —
Would like to live with him?
Внебрачная дочь Евгения Осина: «Папа меня балует»So he was invited back in the fall, but we are unable to move. I got sick, missed a lot of lessons in school and were not able to finish it externally, as planned. First you need to graduate. And my father wants to adopt me.
Внебрачная дочь Евгения Осина: «Папа меня балует»REVIEW POPE EUGENE ASPEN: “I love Nastya, she’s my daughter, who would and what was said. Often get together and talk on the phone. Now I want that we lived together. But there was a problem: I accidentally flooded the neighbors. A pipe burst in the battery in the living room… Came the plumbing, said that it is necessary to break the floor and see what is inside, and yet I have no opportunity to make repairs.” —
Affectionately call you home?
Внебрачная дочь Евгения Осина: «Папа меня балует»My mother often calls me “my kitty” but dad – “docha” or nastyuha.—
There are household chores?
Внебрачная дочь Евгения Осина: «Папа меня балует»Yes on the up! When dad’s away, always wash the dishes and wipe the floors. Still prepare Breakfast for everyone. Father is a vegetarian, in the morning, likes to eat salad and tomato soup. Mama make a sandwich with red fish, but she is drinking tea with chocolate. On the weekends, bake cakes, brownies and pancakes. Mom only oven includes.—
Look, you’re a mistress of all trades! Perhaps the pet is often?
Внебрачная дочь Евгения Осина: «Папа меня балует»Yes, especially dad. The first big gift was a synthesizer, then Japanese and Australian finches. And on the eve of this New year were asked to choose the dog he wants. So we have a toy Pomeranian named Mimi. Call him ball of fur. —
The school is not jealous? Still, Evgeny Osin is a famous person…
Внебрачная дочь Евгения Осина: «Папа меня балует»Oh, the day after the shooting, one program I was surrounded by in class and excitedly began to ask: “is he really your father?” Was such a stir.
Внебрачная дочь Евгения Осина: «Папа меня балует»
Communicate with her older sister Agnia, daughter of dad from a previous marriage?
Внебрачная дочь Евгения Осина: «Папа меня балует»No. There is a complicated story. Her mum was already three husband. Now Agnes calls the Pope a new stepfather. And since his own father refuses to talk, throws up, although he loves her a lot. Dad feels strongly about this. —
Tell me about a new song.
The song was written by the Pope, is called “Naive children”. She is Patriotic. Plan to perform it at the concert of our friend Alexander Zaretsky, which will be held in the club ZIL Arena on March 23. The father will be there too. All are invited!