Woody Allen: “My wife gave me the sea of pleasure”

Вуди Аллен: «Моя жена подарила мне море наслаждения»
The famous Director gave an exclusive interview to the correspondent 7days.ru at the Cannes film festival.

Вуди Аллен: «Моя жена подарила мне море наслаждения»

Woody Allen

Photo: Outnow.ch

Woody Allen is always a welcome guest at the Cannes film festival. But his films never take part in the official competition program and, ironically, it is the wish of the Director. Woody Allen is known for his special attitude to the various kinds of awards. He even at the Oscars never comes,
on the ones where the prize was presented to him or the actors of his paintings. Your refusal to participate in the competition Allen is motivated by the fact that it is more suitable
athletes, not artists. However he gladly gave already
the third in a row picture at the opening of the festival in Cannes.

Often movies,
shown on the first day, but still non-competitive, are quickly forgotten. But it’s not
about Allen. His paintings, revealing to us the imperfections of human nature and of the soul, always leave
a terrific finish. Elegant, soft, ironic, stylish, and alluring
elusive. This year the festival opened
the latest work from woody Allen’s “the Beautiful people” and the Director refused
to speak with us about their habits, the experience of life, his wife and his intention to live to a hundred years
at the very least.

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  • Вуди Аллен: «Моя жена подарила мне море наслаждения»
    Woody Allen

  • Вуди Аллен: «Моя жена подарила мне море наслаждения»
    Kristen Stewart

  • Вуди Аллен: «Моя жена подарила мне море наслаждения»
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Вуди Аллен: «Моя жена подарила мне море наслаждения»

  • 0


    18.05.2016 | 13:09

    Absolute genius. But Farrow, the former never married, not living with him in one house, but had offered him for revenge, even his own son. which she gave out for her son Allen, not to mention foster children, God is the judge.


    • 0


      > Owl-2795

      18.05.2016 | 15:48

      Owl-2795, Allen is a pedophile. He woke his daughter from MIA Farrow and forced in the night to suck his finger, touched everywhere. He broke that girl’s life because, as an adult she endlessly tried to prove in court that Allen is a big, fat pedophile. But he has a very strong backers. More recently, in Vaniti fair it was published an interview of the son – Dylan Farrow, where he talks about how this whole story broke the life of his sister and that it was the same. In addition, Allen married his adopted daughter that was raised from infancy, you think this is normal?


      • 0


        > Lightning-5487

        18.05.2016 | 16:50

        Lightning-5487, brother Farrow was convicted for pedophilia. For Farrow the departure of Allen meant not just the loss of her lover, her husband he was not, and the end of a career in the movies.
        In the court of MIA filed only a year after the departure of Allen. The court did not find evidence of his guilt. Allen even passed a lie detector test, which MIA refused to go.
        Farrow told Allen that she had a son and when the son grew up, said that he was from another man. It’s revenge, pure and simple. To inspire young children can be anything.
        Due to Farrow Allen have always been adult women. With his current wife (by the way, she wasn’t his adopted daughter, their relationship started when she was of age) he has been living for 15 years, they have grown two children. which nobody would adopt if there were suspicions.
        Such a dirty suspicion must be confirmed by the facts. But if not, then it is necessary to judge those who are spreading such rumours. Otherwise the mud can with impunity throw in any.


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