Marina Kravets has told about the diet Garik Kharlamov

Марина Кравец рассказала о диете Гарика Харламова
Star Comedy Club admitted that listens to the advice of male colleagues.

Marina Kravets

Photo: Elena Kvitko

Marina Kravets said that even during intense shooting trying to take care of proper nutrition.

“We have a good
kinekor, you can choose a salad or fish. But I have a weakness for coffee with milk and
honey. Although Timur Batrutdinov advises not to drink milk, the adults have it (the milk) not
learn. Timur can be trusted: he is a supporter of healthy eating and is able to quickly
put himself in the right form. Alexander Revva often prefers fresh
vegetables, it is also good for your figure and health. In General, one chooses a suitable diet, the main thing —
small portions”.

But as it turned out, the closest Kravets still power system Garik “Bulldog” Kharlamov. “Of course, I try not to eat junk food. But sometimes they crack and break on the Great Kharlamov diet: eat tasty and not always
useful, ” laughs the actress. — And I have a passion for chips. Understand
harmful, but believe that eat kiwi and compensate for inflicted on the body damage. Not
you know, whether correctly I do, but kiwi is not clean. I don’t know why you peel the cucumbers:
I think in the rind of all good”.

Participant in the Comedy Club said that she and her husband Arkady is most like Russian, Uzbek and Caucasian cuisine. But at home she often cooks vegetable
salads, meat, soups. “I enjoy the carcass of the Turkey and chicken. But red meat is not very
love. Try to minimize the consumption test, do not take even in the restaurant
bread. Although with Olivier or herring under a fur coat without black bread is not enough. But
there is something worse than bread — stress. I stress heavily on the gain and, as all
normal people, seize it (again, diet Kharlamov)”.

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