Find out star: Larisa Dolina changed jobs and image

Узнай звезду: Лариса Долина сменила работу и имидж
The new image of the singer was surprised at the movie.

Larisa Dolina, Olga Kabo and Maxim Averin

Photo: @olga.kabo (Facebook Olga Kabo)

Finally in the films of famous film Director Alla Surikova
sounds not only voice Larisa Dolina, but will appear and the singer herself. “Love and
Sachs” is an ironic melodrama in which the pop star
got the role of workers in the greenhouse.

Learn in a new way one of the most fashionable and stylish
singers of the country pretty hard. But in this lies the miracle of cinema, when actors transform with the help of makeup and costumes. For example, thirty years ago in the music
the Comedy “We from a jazz” Valley and even played the African-American jazz singer
Clementine Fernandez.

Starring in the film performed by Maxim Averin and Ekaterina Klimova. In the center of the plot: the love story of a talented musician with a difficult
and destiny harpist from the Symphony orchestra. Partners Larisa Dolina and performers of the main roles were Mikhail Efremov, Leonid Yarmolnik, Olga Kabo, Aleksandr Pashutin, and daughter of Alexander Abdulov — Eugene Abdulov.

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