Без стыда: Рита Ора вышла в люди в ночнушке

25-year-old singer wore a transparent dress so that nobody noticed. And here’s a perfect star shape was appreciated by all!

When it comes to fashion, everything else the British singer immediately forgets. And modesty never was her strong point! So, to grab from the new collection pale pink sheer dress, the star then decided to walk! And where? Of course, in the heart of new York city!

Goggles, Rita was provided… Still, such a beauty walking around the streets almost in a dressing gown. But fashion critics, alas, did not share the men’s enthusiasm. And then called the new thing Ora nightgown.

“If on this dress and spent tissue, it is all gone on a skirt,” joked they apparently alluding to the fact that the dress really resembles a lace bodice.

However, Yell it, did not appear alarmed. On the contrary, the dress she felt a good find. And added the image of the sandals heels and funky earrings, which she loves.

The appearance of Rita on the front page this week is not the first. At the recent new York premiere of the series “Annealing” star appeared in the extravagant kulturnom dress from the spring-summer collection of the main enfant terrible – Jean Paul Gaultier. Ora added sequins decorated dress with a bodice mimics a corset, black sandals with ankle straps and a few leather bracelets, worn on one hand.

It seems a bit more – and Lady Gaga will be a serious rival!

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