With Vasily Stepanov require a million rubles

С Василия Степанова требуют миллион рублей The star of the film “Inhabited island” got in trouble. Stepanova lied to PR Sergei Rublev. According to a friend of the artist, the man demands money for an Internet site and claims that now Basil will not take to act.
С Василия Степанова требуют миллион рублей

After seven years of solitary life, the star of the film “Inhabited island” has announced his return to the cinema. The word Stepanov has kept: he has already starred in several films that will be released next year, and still taking offers on cooperation. But among the “well-wishers” were those who decided to cash in on the name of the actor.

“Fascinum representative has always been his brother Maxim, says “StarHit” Dmitry Krasilov, a friend of the actor. – He went with him to the auditions, set up meetings with Directors, were forced to learn the texts. These efforts were not in vain: Basil began to remember, invited to appear not only in cinema but also on television.

And then it showed up imaginary publicist Sergei Rublev. He offered his services to help him. Said: “I Have a good connection! Make washi most in-demand actor, and then he gonna pay me back”. Vaska and agreed, after all he is building a career from scratch. And why constantly bother brother? The guys signed a contract, and Rublev was everywhere to accompany Basil. But a few months before, had heard rumors that Sergei takes money for a candid interview with his ward and his participation in the show. Most Stepanov, of course, not a penny of that money didn’t get laid”.

The family has severed ties with pseudoainhum, but Rublev is so simple to finish this story agreed.

Seven years of oblivion: Vasily Stepanov fled from depression and poverty

“Disappeared – continues to Dmitry. – Calling almost all day and demands money. Shouts that now Bob all the way closed, and he lost without his help. They say that Sergey had a million rubles for the official website of Vasiliy Stepanov. And who asked him to create? And see for yourself on the Internet: is the online worth the money?”