Nikolay Baskov met with the mother of Victoria is lopyrevoy

Николай Басков познакомился с мамой Виктории Лопыревой On the eve of the wedding singer met with the mother of the chosen one. In ether one of the programs he said that he quickly found a common language with my future in-laws. Victoria Lopyreva also managed to spend time with loved ones of the groom.

Nikolay Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva will soon become husband and wife. Now the star couple is preparing for a massive celebration, which will be attended by several hundred guests. At all social events lovers appear together, once again assuring fans that her feelings are sincere.

In the program “You wouldn’t believe” Basque and Lopyreva told me that already familiar with each other’s parents.

“My mother is delighted with If. She really loves him. They talk a lot. Oh, and the Kohl pleased with the acquaintance, they quickly found a common language,” said Victoria.

The parents of the singer was also approved of his choice. Victoria was able to make a positive impression. Apparently, the couple has received blessings from relatives.

Basque does not deny that the wedding of lopyrevoy will be incredibly chic. The bride has already chosen a dress by the famous Lebanese designer, and now the lovers try to make the program activities. After the celebration, the celebrity couple will depart for their honeymoon, which is likely to take place in the Maldives.

Basque itself has repeatedly stated that he is ready not only for marriage but also for fatherhood. Man dreams about the birth of an heir. Fans noted that, next to Victoria Nicholas has changed a lot. According to the singer, the bride has a positive effect on his character and style of dress.

“She forced me to give up the crystals, threw all my shiny suits. Now go to the classic costumes. But I think I’m going. I trust the taste of the Wiki, and basically listen to her opinion”, – said the Basque.

News of the engagement of the singer and model has shocked many fans of the stars. The fact that Nicholas several years met with the singer Sofia Kalcheva, but the offer hands and hearts decided to make it lopyrevoy. Some fans doubted the sincerity of the feelings of lovers. However, Nicholas and Victoria managed to prove that their love is not a publicity stunt.