Ex-husband lapsed into a coma stars of the series “Return of Mukhtar” is trying to distract his son from the tragedy

Экс-супруг впавшей в кому звезды сериала «Возвращение Мухтара» пытается отвлечь сына от трагедии Anton Fedotov told “StarHit” status Natalia Yunnikova. According to ex-wife, the cause of the tragedy was never installed. 11-year-old son of the actress now lives with her father.
Экс-супруг впавшей в кому звезды сериала «Возвращение Мухтара» пытается отвлечь сына от трагедии

News about the urgent hospitalization of actress Natalia Yunnikova was a big surprise for her fans. In an interview the star did not complain of health, she has worked extensively in film and with pleasure communicated with fans.

The star of the series “Return of Mukhtar” Natalia Yunnikova in a coma

Later it became known that a young woman had a stroke, she lost consciousness and hit his head. “StarHit” contacted the ex-husband of actress Anton Fedotov to know the status of Natalia.

“There is nothing to tell. Natasha is in a state of artificial coma. The cause of the incident is unknown. She received a head injury, this can happen to anyone,” said the Director.
Экс-супруг впавшей в кому звезды сериала «Возвращение Мухтара» пытается отвлечь сына от трагедии

Fans of Natalia still can’t believe what happened. “Just a nightmare. I know Natasha is sure to be live! She’s such a bright man”, “Why at such a young age she had a stroke? Very sorry, this is not without consequences is not”, “we Believe and hope that my favorite actress to cope with the disaster,” – commented news admirers UNICOOL.

Also the fans are concerned about how the 11-year-old son Anton and Natalia is going through the tragedy. Ex-husband of the actress assured that cares about the boy and helps him to cope with the situation.

“The child is now with me. I try to keep him away from emotions, distract from the sad thoughts,” – said Fedotov.

Before the man confirmed that at the time of the tragedy, Natalie was at home with the children. As soon as the actress lost consciousness, her family called an ambulance.

A little later a colleague of the artist Alexey Moiseev commented on the incident on its official website. He said that sometimes Yunnikova felt a slight discomfort, but it was written off at the elementary fatigue. According to the man Natalia worked a lot, which affected her health.

Natalia Yunnikova became famous thanks to the role of Vasilisa Mikhailovna in the TV series “Return of Mukhtar”. In addition, the woman played in such popular projects as “Kitchen”, “big city Lights” and “the Saboteur 2”.

Colleagues and fans of the actress hope that her health soon improves. However, doctors still refuse to make any predictions about the health of Natalia.