С парижским акцентом: как 50-летние Венсан Кассель и Софи Марсо начали новую жизнь Recently, the two French movie stars celebrated an important date. On this occasion, Vincent Cassel has unveiled his girlfriend, and Sophie Marceau broke up with a young lover. Each of them began a very special phase that they go with a proudly raised head.

      С парижским акцентом: как 50-летние Венсан Кассель и Софи Марсо начали новую жизнь

      Vincent Cassel is not seen in public with a woman since August 2013, when he divorced with his wife Monica Bellucci. It is unlikely that the actor was suffering from a lack of female affection, he’s just not one of those who likes to the world held a candle to them. Journalists have only recently found out that next to him now, a young Italian model.

      Sophie Marceau made no secret of the affair with 39-year-old chef Cyril Lignac. In late summer photo of lovers kissing on Board the yacht near the island of Capri, walked all French magazines. The actress boasted in an interview in a Sunny mood and even gave up the diet to not hurt partner’s rejection of his concoctions, so the separation came as a bolt from the blue.

      Brown sugar

      First Vincent Cassel and Tina Kuniaki saw along the user’s Instagram. In August, the actor posted on his page the model taken during a holiday in Ibiza. It was not anything suspicious, as Vincent clearly has no shortage of girls wanting to be photographed with him. The situation became more interesting when using a month in Instagram Tina had another joint frame with Spanish holidays. On this happy bearded Vincent reclines in a lounge chair, and Tina sitting next to the cigarette.

      С парижским акцентом: как 50-летние Венсан Кассель и Софи Марсо начали новую жизнь

      Professional activities girls often confronts her with the stars, and Vincent is not the only recognizable face on her page. However, the journalists began to fuss and began just in case to find out who she is and what makes it so interesting. Printed publications agreed that the young lady was born in Sicily, whence he moved to France through a model Agency Spain and the UK. However, the issue of her age, opinion was divided: some argue that Tina was barely twenty, others that will soon be twenty-three or even twenty-eight. In France, the passion of Kassel earns a living by acting in music videos.

      In October, Vincent has placed in the social network of his own written portrait of Tina. And in November, shared with friends, plans for her career, at the same time confessing that seeing her for a year and half.

      С парижским акцентом: как 50-летние Венсан Кассель и Софи Марсо начали новую жизнь“He believes that Tina has acting talent – said close to the actor people. – We would not be surprised if Vincent will procure for her role in one of his movies.”

      Monica was probably aware of the heart Affairs of the father of their daughters. In July, in an interview, she said something that could be a veiled warning to Tina: “I didn’t want to see that beloved man treats me like a trophy that you can brag to your friends. I was nothing more than a compliment to his vanity”.


      С парижским акцентом: как 50-летние Венсан Кассель и Софи Марсо начали новую жизнь

      The symptoms of the disorder between Sophie Marceau and Cyril Lignac was seen on the day of her anniversary – 17 Nov. The actress celebrated the 50th anniversary with family, not inviting 39-year-old Cyril to join the family celebration. Moreover, having loved ones in owner of four Parisian patisseries, she ordered a cake to his competitors…

      Two days later, upset Cyril, hurrying to the opening of a new restaurant, had an accident on the evening the street car knocked him from the scooter. Chef Lignac was taken to the hospital with a broken leg, but Sophie did not consider it necessary to visit him. Instead, left with a 14-year-old daughter Juliette for a few days in Rome, and from there to my parents in the provincial town of corrèze.

      “In the last few weeks, Sophie and Cyril were fighting, say friends of the couple. – Among other things Sophie was unhappy with how much Cyril is passionate about business. Even when they rested together on the ski resorts and Capri, it is each convenient and inconvenient case, it is checked how things were going in his gastronomic Empire.”

      Marceau from the beginning doubted the expediency of communication with the distant from the cinema man. After three long and dramatic novels with the intellectuals Cyril bribed its simplicity in communication and cheerful disposition, but, apparently, the ease she quickly tired of it.

      “The old beloved developed me in these respects I never learn,” said she. Now Sophie is trying to understand, not to tie her with romance at all. “By and large, I don’t need anything other than my home, children and family, – says the actress. I already have everything not to feel lonely.”