Устала? Иди на завод! Водонаеву затроллили за жалобы

The presenter cried the fans, as her hard, and they do not understand.

Recently, the star realized his dream and has reduced the chest from the fifth to less than a third the size. After surgery Alain promised the fans that soon will be back. And did not disappoint.

In the night from Thursday to Friday Vodonaeva led award Vklybe. tv Awards in the field of club and restaurant industry. Ended working day of the stars of the night, what Alain said subscribers.

“Took the award. 3:50… Home. Tired? Oh, no, of course not,” wrote the star published a photo on which she is sitting in the car covered with tired eyes.

There would have to sympathize with the girl, has recently undergone a serious operation, but was forced to lie down at home, and to entertain the guests, but the fans otherwise regarded complaints Alena.

“Tired? Go to the factory rest,” wrote one.

“What, it plows at the factory?” – surprised others.

“Well, many would not mind this fatigue,” added the third.

Most likely, Vodonaeva did not expect such a reaction. Sympathy her post is not called, rather, angered fans. It is hard, then this beautiful dress to the club stand, overworked, well, well.

And some cited the example of Olga Buzova, which manages to sing, write books, show news, dresses to produce and a lot of everything – and did not complain.

What fans of the star were unanimous is the opinion that Alena is incredibly chic looks.