Dana Borisova boast of gifts from wealthy suitors

Дана Борисова кичится подарками от богатых ухажеров In his microblog the woman told subscribers a story that evoked a mixed reaction. The presenter said that once fulfilled her longtime dream, and she received the gift of a new foreign car. The star said that it was not involved in a relationship with a person who had her attention.

      Dana Borisova actively communicate with their followers on Instagram. Not so long ago, she told the Network users that he was going to blog about my life. Celebrity, without losing time, decided to instill in the souls of podpischikov hope that before the New year can come true absolutely everyone dreams. Posting one of the pictures in the microblog, Borisov wrote that she was in love with a man. From because of despair to seek the location of the star he went to extremes and played for the accident involving the core, where the cause of the incident was that same stranger.

      Dana Borisova fell into despair after the scandal

      The man promised to assume all expenses for the repair of the vehicle, but instead lucky for Dan at the dealership where he purchased her a brand new car, on which she had long dreamed of. Borisov does not hide that in any way did not expect such a turn in history happened. For her, it is still an example of how a noble may be the stronger sex.

      “When we were having coffee, he said he came up with a better option of repair, and drove me to the dealership Mercedes, which in a couple of hours already gone in a brand new jeep. We even cheek never clicked. In fact, these stories have to tell at bedtime to the girls so they never ceased to believe that miracles happen not only on New year’s,” said a user on the Network Borisov.

      This recognition of a celebrity is not over. She shared another story that happened, in the words of TV stars recently. Borisov met with a Deputy, after communicating with whom began to follow his social life in the Network. Once the politician posted a photo with made of metal sticks the deer. He so impressed the woman that she could not resist and left a glowing review on the page men. That, as reported by Dana, kept his head, found her number, called and told that said, where he created decorative animal and what master was doing. Later it turned out that he had already ordered the same deer, and soon it takes a woman home.

      “I opened my mouth, then closed, then opened again and told him again I believed in Santa Claus.Now, some of you, I hope, no doubt, that I was not “practiced”? But I was so beautiful, calm and happy at heart. I thanked God that these men have!” – wrote in the microblog TV presenter.

      It should be noted that most of the subscribers Borisova are very skeptical about her “romantic new year’s tales”. In their opinion, such an incredible coincidence at all desire cannot coincide with reality. Initially, many surprised at the gift first boyfriend, but reacted peacefully. However, when she told a story about a young deer, and then wrote about the donated by the same MP, the apartment, the followers have no doubt that is Given to them is not telling. Many netizens think that the celebrity bit strange to talk about such after sufficient time. They think that a woman tries to attract attention to himself, forcing commentators to read her short stories about unusual adventures. Dana Borisova intends to sue ex-member of “House-2” for intimate video

      “You are what you want, but I really quite in this nonsense do not believe it!”, “Danochka, I love you very much, it’s great that you write, but for many it’s just a story that is only on paper and will remain”, “as Much attention to you and no intimacy? This is unacceptable now, especially when a man gives such attention. So many inconsistencies,” – expressed his opinion followers in Instagram stars.