Жене Виталия Гогунского приписывают вторую беременность Fans discuss their family frame. In the picture Vitaly tenderly holding a husband in the stomach. By this gesture many followers Irina came to the conclusion that it is in position.
Жене Виталия Гогунского приписывают вторую беременность

Star of TV series “Univer” Vitaly Gogunsky tries to spend a lot of time together with his wife Irina. Relationship the couple had a very difficult few years ago. But last year, the actor realized that he wanted to be always near the mother of his daughter. They got married and live happily ever after. Vitaly Gogunsky: “After a break up, Irina was waiting for me eight years”

“In the beginning of the relationship constantly fighting, mainly because psevdodruzey that we about each other all sorts of stories were told. And when we parted, and all help started. People are not too lazy to ruin our lives, to call me to lie about Ira, then call her and talk nonsense about me. Correctly say: while the truth puts on pants, the lie is already halfway around the world walked. As well, we realised that we are trying to embroil due to basic human envy, and we are made for each other”, – said Vitaly.

In the picture, which the couple shared in the Network, both look very happy. Apparently, the couple arranged a romantic evening in one of their favorite restaurants. Irina sitting on his lap at the wife, and he keeps his hand on her tummy. Members suggested that the pair is preparing for the replenishment of the family.

“So gently hold tummy you have planned replenishment?”, “Belly, No belly fat, but Vitaly is so carefully put my hand on his tummy that makes me think of the replacements. Very striking in hand. That’s all wrong. In General, it would be great, let’s go for it. Now the boy”, “Waiting for replenishment”, – discussed a picture in a social network.

However, while the couple remained silent and did not comment on their plans. They are engaged in the education of 7-year-old daughter Milana, who is already making the first steps on the stage. She is singing, and recently released a video for the song “little man”. In the family the mother is more demanding to the child, and dad spoils the girl. “Milan is not lying: for the severity in our family responds Ira. But sometimes I can burnout. For example, work, plunged headlong into a script or notes, and she comes in and says sternly, “Take your time baby!” First growl distilled off, and then pulls himself – if the daughter is calling, this is the most important. And run, where you say” – shared Vitaly.