Наталья Бочкарева назвала истинные причины развода Famous actress became the heroine of a new edition of “One day”. Natalia Bochkareva talked about her hard road to happiness. Star several years concealed the parting with her husband, but now her personal life seems normal.
Наталья Бочкарева назвала истинные причины развода

The star of the show “Happy together” Natalia Bochkareva shared his story in the new edition of “One day”, which will show in the NTV on Saturday, may 12. The actress openly spoke about his personal life – the breakup with the lawyer Nikolay Borisov and the new chosen one.

A celebrity divorce lawyer in 2010. that she has terminated the relationship with her husband, became known only a few years later. The actress chose to hide this important event, not wanting to attract too much attention. In an interview with the star told us that she and her husband have very different personalities. During the conversation with reporters, “One day,” Bochkarev said read more about parting with a lover. As it turned out, the marriage of Natalia was suffering from her active creative life.

“Many, excuse me, the working day ends at seven in the evening, and we have seven in the evening life begins. Tour rehearsals are my life. If I stop, I seem to just explode inside. Such a life was very disturbed, I knew that man needed a normal earth woman who is at home engaged in farming. Spending the night with children and beloved husband. It is right,” said Bochkarev in the program “Once”.

The actress had a hard time parting with Nikolai Borisov. From this marriage Natalia has two children – 11-year-old Ivan and 10-year-old Maria. The journalists wrote that the star had to divide the property with her lover, but the ex-spouses still managed to maintain good relations for heirs.

“Frankly, when our marriage broke up, I at some point, even thought that is unlikely, there are probably a man who could accept me with my lifestyle” – confessed celebrity.

Apparently, now life Natalia was adjusted. The actress has a new man. Bochkareva does not hide what’s really in love with and goes out together with her boyfriend. Fans of the stars say that they look great together.

In addition to the stars of the series “Happy together”, personal stories in “One day” share the sisters Shurochkina and actor Mikhail Gorevoy. The actor tells us why he wants to play villains, and Jane tells Maria about his relationship and the support they provide to each other. According to the athlete, most perceive it as a relative of the famous singer. “Not everyone knows that I have achieved something in sports,” – says the Olympic champion in synchronized swimming.