Vera Brezhneva was prodemonstrirovala tenderness with Konstantin Meladze

Вера Брежнева продементрировала нежность с Константином Меладзе The singer posted a rare photo. Vera Brezhnev prefers to hide from everyone their privacy. Even now, when she is married to Konstantin Meladze, she only occasionally shares intimate.
Вера Брежнева продементрировала нежность с Константином Меладзе

Singer Vera Brezhnev married Konstantin Meladze in October 2015. They did not organize a big wedding with a huge number of guests, and was limited to a modest celebration in Italy, without informing the public. The artist was covered by the phrase that “happiness loves silence”. Even now, they rarely talk about their personal life, and therefore each co-occurrence pair is causing quite a stir and public interest.

Today, the famous composer and producer Konstantin Meladze’s birthday party. He turns 55 years. The wife of the musician touching congratulated him on his anniversary. She has published black-and-white photo, which embraces her husband. It wouldn’t take long publications, but simply wrote: “Today is 55”.

Fans joined in the congratulations to Konstantin. They left warm words in the address of the producer. “Happy birthday Maestro! We wish you strong health and of course success!”, “Happy birthday! And you, Vera, with the birthday boy! Health, health and health again! To know yourself – when you have it, everything else is reachable and fixable! How many times the song Constantine has saved me when morally been quite at zero… Let the sun Shine for such a person bright bright!”, “Congratulations. Great success and happiness in your personal life,” wrote a follower.

Birthday Brezhneva, the celebrity couple went to Italy, where I celebrated the wedding. Apparently, they decided to enjoy the warm memories associated with that country. Constantine fondly recalls those days when they were with Faith alone. Konstantin Meladze first told about the secret wedding with Vera Brezhneva

“Great [wedding]. In the morning, got up, went to the town hall, it was near the hotel. We painted the town mayor and all. We went, sat in the restaurant on the beach. Fabulous. Walking, blissed out… For us all the time ran some sort of Italian photographer, we had been hiding from him. It was very exciting. We dodged it absolutely brilliantly. The result was a single image. Terrible,” admitted Meladze in one of the TV programs.