Жена звезды фильма «Все будет хорошо!» изменила ему с уголовником Anna left her husband after he learned that he continued to help the mistress Veronica. Goronok Mark’s wife had an affair with a powerful businessman, but it turned out that he had hidden much from his bride.
Жена звезды фильма «Все будет хорошо!» изменила ему с уголовником

The hero of the new issue of “In fact” became the mark Goronok. In the previous program, he met the woman Veronica, who claimed to gave birth to a daughter. A DNA test showed that he was not the father of the girl, but the actor still decided to help her. Because of this, he started having family problems. Wife Anna was unhappy with his behavior and felt that he has the woman attentions.

“I began to help. My family was split. Suddenly there were some omissions,” – said the actor.

Anna left the family and took the baby. “Mark with his mom gave me a real hunt. Called rowdy from the fact that I attacked his mistress,” said the woman.

Жена звезды фильма «Все будет хорошо!» изменила ему с уголовником

In turn, Mark’s wife had an affair with a wealthy businessman Vyacheslav. The man promised to give her an apartment with a beautiful view of Saint Petersburg. He also sent her huge bouquets of roses, did the bath with champagne. Anna was amazed and fell in love with it. They were familiar earlier, but the feeling was non-reciprocal on the part of women, so she stayed with mark.

“He has his own construction firm. In his spare time he writes songs, and sings. Every morning at 10 am, the courier gives me bouquets of 101 roses. I feel like a woman”, – explained Anna.
Жена звезды фильма «Все будет хорошо!» изменила ему с уголовником

Mark’s wife says that faithful to her husband. However, after the emergence of the Studio Vyacheslav revealed the polygraph: a woman joined in an intimate relationship with him. A businessman once said how he loves Anna. Mark was enraged by his words and attacked Vyacheslav. The protection of the transmission managed to separate the men take the actor aside.

Жена звезды фильма «Все будет хорошо!» изменила ему с уголовником

Anna had not left Mark out of pity – this advanced version of the Vyacheslav. The businessman is ready to marry the spouse of the actor. However, it turned out that in the past chosen one of Anna’s many dark spots. He didn’t share some details with his bride.

As a result of check on a lie detector it turned out that Vyacheslav is married to his former mother-in-law. “There have been differences of a specific nature. Mother-in-law gave me love. It sounds stupid and crazy. She is 73 years and I am 50,” said the businessman.

Vyacheslav longer lives with that woman. To the surprise of Anna, the man was thrice married and he has children.

The businessman has served 13 years in prison for the murder of two people. The moratorium in 1997, he managed to avoid the death penalty.

“One was an eyewitness unnecessary, and the second was the financier, from whom I took the money. It was the 90s, however, my first capital”, – said the businessman.

In the further course of a polygraph examination, the experts found that Vyacheslav didn’t serve in the Navy, and had committed other offences, including financial scams.

“For me it’s a double whammy. First the betrayal of my husband, and now this fraud of a man who loves me,” said Anna at the end of the program, noting that only made sense Vyacheslav.

Recall, mark Goronok became famous after her role in the movie “All is well”, which was released in 1995. After some time, the actor was seriously ill – he was diagnosed with psoriasis. He has lost 18 pounds and could not restore health. Anna helped him, cared for him. In 42 years the actor had a daughter. However, he maintains a relationship with his son from his first marriage, Dmitry.