Бывший муж Елены Прокловой строит для нее новый дом в Сочи More than thirty years Elena Proklova had been married with him Troshinym. However, mutual infidelity has ruined the love couple – the couple divorced, but managed to maintain good relations. Despite the fact that the actress still wants to evict ex-husband out of their shared home, Trishin began construction of a mansion in Sochi for the ex-wife.
Бывший муж Елены Прокловой строит для нее новый дом в Сочи

For three years fans of the 64-year-old Elena Proklova trying in vain to understand what was going on in her personal life. In 2015, like thunder from a clear sky, came the news about the divorce of the actress with him Troshinym, with whom she lived under the same roof for over 30 years.

The ex-wife did not hide mutual infidelity and even sued for the property. However, despite the scandals, Helen and Andrew are still not only maintain a cordial relationship and continue to share one house together, unable to deal with those, whom it should belong.

Elena Proklova is trying to distance itself from the trial with her husband

Proklova specially came to the Studio program “Let them talk” to clear up numerous rumors, one way or another related to her personal life. According to the artist, the true cause of their separation from her husband was the gradual fading of love.

“We just drifted apart. The interests become different, everyone has their own friends, goals, desires. We read different books, watched different movies, and the love was fading. And in the end, at one point I realized that we didn’t love each other. But we share a common past, daughter, memories,” shared his thoughts Proklova.
Бывший муж Елены Прокловой строит для нее новый дом в Сочи

Despite a friendly relationship, surviving her former spouse, Elena still wants to evict him from the country house. For permanent residence along with Troshinym, she does not feel fully free.

About twenty years ago, after a long edit of a loved one, Proklova forced him to sign a prenup. According to the actress, it was necessary to ensure that their house and all the money eventually went to the General’s daughter — 24-year-old Pauline. However, even after numerous television broadcasts Andrei Trishin in no hurry to leave the family nest.

Proklova she confirmed that it was not faithful to her husband. She never hid from him of infidelity, which often happened from the elementary to the grievances of the workers.

“I do not deny that sometimes took revenge on him in this way. Sometimes the relationship just came to a standstill, but we rescued them. The tale is that 30 years of marriage, is a pleasure never will be true. It is a serious work, difficult and long,” — said Elena.

Many participants in the Studio program was shocked that not having dealt with the fate of a suburban home, Proklova undertook the construction of a new mansion in Sochi. And its construction involved the ex-spouse Andrey Trishin.

“Yes, Andrew’s building me a new home. I don’t see anything strange. Someone said that he is doing this to pay me back, but that’s not true. I really gave Andrew a million when he had serious problems with money. After all we are not strangers, but the construction of the house he is now engaged in a disinterested,” said Proklova.

Despite the statement of the actress that their divorce is final, many fans refuse to believe it. According to them, Proklova still has feelings for her ex-husband, so can not with him to disperse. Anyway, the point of this family history is still not delivered.