На суде DJ Smash потребовал посадить экс-депутата, который зверски его избил In winter, one of the clubs of Perm, was attacked by Andrey Shirman, aka Dj Smash. The musician was urgently hospitalized with serious injuries, and due to damage to the jaw could barely speak. The attackers was a former member of the Legislative Assembly Alexander Telepnev.
На суде DJ Smash потребовал посадить экс-депутата, который зверски его избил

Andrey Shirman, better known as DJ Smash, in the winter of this year was attacked in a bar in Perm – the actor broke his jaw. The musician took a while to recover after the beating and had several operations.

Upon incident law enforcement officers opened a criminal case. Today held the first hearing. Andrew arrived in Perm the court not one, but with a support group – a lawyer and a rapper Timati.

“Today began the trial of the villains beat me up. I told everything as on spirit, the events of that night clearly remained in my memory forever. I hope that the court will grant them the conviction associated with a real solution to freedom. I love my hometown and hope that such situations will be less – this should be a lesson to all those who like to get handsy. Who would you have been – an athlete, a businessman, an MP or an ordinary citizen. Let’s appreciate our society! I thank my friend Timothy, who is now with me in Perm”, – said Andrey.

One of the lawyers of the musician Ruslan Koblev told how a meeting. According to human rights activist, musician insists the real term for attacker is ex-the Deputy of Legislative Assembly Alexander telepneva.

“Today’s meeting was held in Leninsky district court of Perm. In our opinion, it has passed very fruitfully. The court questioned the witnesses present and the victim. The next hearing is scheduled for July 12, will be questioned by the remaining witnesses and defendants. Schirman reasonably believes with consideration of the individual defendants, they deserve real punishment in places of deprivation of liberty. The defendants not only did not repent of their deeds, but in the course of the investigation, they lied constantly, endlessly changed testimony and opposed the investigation. They represent a danger to the public, so we insist on real term and not conditional,” the “StarHit” Koblev.
На суде DJ Smash потребовал посадить экс-депутата, который зверски его избил

The lawyer said that this crime is punished by restriction of liberty for a term up to three years, compulsory labor for the same period. Also, if proven guilty the attackers, they are threatened by arrest for a term up to six months.

Recall that Dj Smash was held a serious treatment after the beating. According to the artist, the recovery was extremely slow.

“Getting better by leaps and bounds, and you can’t even imagine how nice to feel that you don’t get two jaw, and again. My sick leave was extended until three weeks tomorrow will be another mini-operation, but under the full control of talented doctors about which I will tell you later in a separate post. Emotions overwhelmed, the forces are accumulated, the character hardens, and the result is,” admitted schirman.