Жена Сосо Павлиашвили помогла ему справиться с тяжелой болезнью Wife saved the singer, for which he is grateful to her still. Soso Pavliashvili he suffered a terrible accident, after which there was a strong epileptic seizures. The singer admitted, if not for his wife Irina, he would not have recovered.
Жена Сосо Павлиашвили помогла ему справиться с тяжелой болезнью

Now the popular singer Soso Pavliashvili, a graduate of the Tbilisi Conservatory, class of violin, became interested in a light genre, while serving in the military air force Soviet army. Then became a party known to the Union VIA “Iberia”, and then left to float freely on the waves of popular music to begin to write my own songs.

Pavliashvili 53 years, and he is the father of many children. The eldest child singer was born in the first marriage. Levan was thirty, and now his famous dad called the guy more often a friend than a son.

Two daughters gave him the artist Irina Patlakh, which Soso lived until now. When they met, she was only 16 and he is 32 two. Now both say that at first they were good friends, and joke that until her Iringo, the age of majority. They are happy for many years in the family grow up two daughters. Lisa – 13, and Sandra was soon turned ten years old. With their close singer told the audience “When all the houses”. Pavliashvili loves his girls. They certainly are clever and beautiful, but Soso wife appreciates not only for that. In recognition of the singer, he is obliged to Irina’s life.

In 1996 Pavliashvili was in a car accident, after which he started having severe attacks of epilepsy, which lasted for several years. Just then Soso realized that Irina “his wolf”.

“There comes a time when you realize this woman is your wolf… I had a serious accident in’ 96 and in 97 I started to have epilepsy , and lasted 7 years. And Ira was with me. Although if she were to leave – I would say, and rightly so. I said, “go, well, what do you need this”, – said Soso Pavliashvili.
Жена Сосо Павлиашвили помогла ему справиться с тяжелой болезнью

Irina those years, recalls, openly, although he recognizes that it was not easy. Seizures, how to tell the wife Pavliashvili, happened only at night, and waking up he didn’t know what happened to him. And ten minutes before the next attack, Soso began as the possessed speak with someone “as in horror movies,” adds Irina. But the woman was not moments of doubt, she says she never thought to walk away from a loved one.

“Then he had no time for anything – not to family, nor to love, nor to me. But I knew my love enough for the both of us”, – said Irina.

Despite his illness, the couple decided on the birth of a child. Now the eldest of the daughters – Lisa singer described as a guardian angel. With her appearance in the world Pavliashvili connects your healing. “The most important thing after her birth, I was cured. And absolutely without the intervention of doctors. But I wanted even craniotomy to do. But then Lisa was born and it was just as if nothing had happened,” – said Soso Pavliashvili.