Кто помогает Марине Зудиной пережить смерть Олега Табакова Helped to buy an apartment, arranged the funeral, had an influence on the fate of other people… Friends of Oleg Tabakov, who died more than a week ago, said “StarHit”, as the legendary actor and Director saved them from harm.
Кто помогает Марине Зудиной пережить смерть Олега Табакова

Last week, March 12, became the artistic Director of the Moscow art theatre them. Chekhov, actor, Director, popularly beloved “cat Matroskin” – Oleg Tabakov. In November 2017, he got to the clinic, the doctors diagnosed him with septicaemia – blood poisoning. Three months Oleg Pavlovich fought bravely with the disease. But she was stronger… In February Tabakov introduced into an artificial coma to reduce the load on the organs. Relatives and friends of the actor believed that he would recover and come back into the scene. At the bedside of the artist, day and night were on duty his wife Marina Zudina, children…. But the miracle did not happen. The heart of the master could not resist. Friends of the Director said “StarHit” how he changed their lives.

“For his work in the theatre, the state promised me an apartment, – shares with “StarHit” the actor Aleksandr Semchev. – A few months knocked at doors of various government agencies, preparing documents, but the keys give no hurry. Already lost hope to settle, after all, lived in a small room with his wife and two children. When trouble learned Oleg Pavlovich, he took control of the situation, picked up all contacts to clear the housing. Surprisingly, it was only after the intervention Tabakov I received the coveted square meters!” Actors who have worked with a legend, in a firm voice: “He’s a man.” Oleg Pavlovich always helping out friends, especially when the topic was health.

“Tobacco was my dad until the last days of his life, says “StarHit” Vyacheslav Innocent Jr. The father had diabetes, so he has gangrene. Illness struck the body, the father had to amputate his legs. Oleg helped out with the hospitals looking for doctors, bought expensive medicines. When the father died, tobacco not leave my family. He took over the funeral expenses. Then and now say: “Oleg, thank you for the father, I bow low before you! Will never forget you…”

Surprisingly, tobacco effect on people’s lives. “When he graduated from the acting faculty of the theatre school, entered the service in the theater, – says the “StarHit” directed by Marina Brusnikina. – A few years acted on stage. But at one point, Oleg Pavlovich came to me and said, “Marina, you’re not an actress, you’ve got the nerve of a Director!” When thinking about a new profession. He explained to me the intricacies of the work, helped to handle the camera and always sent! At his insistence, I became the one we have now. His memory is forever in my heart. Of course, Oleg Pavlovich left a lot of things. For example, a clay statuette of Alexander Pushkin. Her tobacco was handed to me when I staged in the theatre for evening reading. We did quite a little bit. The first lesson he watched me, and the second gave a figure with the words: “This is for you! For inspiration”. Of course, the Marina and the kids very hard now. But we will not abandon them!”