Мэрилин Керро выбрала имя будущему ребенку Estonian witch, star of the TV show “Battle of psychics” had a fight with the father of her unborn child-how to name the baby. Marilyn Kerro is hiding from the public the sex of her first child.
Мэрилин Керро выбрала имя будущему ребенку

Marilyn Kerro became the heroine of the program “One day”. Estonian witch, which soon will be the first time mom introduced his beloved and revealed some secrets of his personal life. Marilyn told how he met with the Norwegian carpenter mark Alexander Hansen.

A pregnant Marilyn Kerro no longer hide her baby’s father.

The young man did not fear that his beloved woman is one of the strongest witches in Europe, and it does not bother his numerous tattoos. “I have tattoos, I’m not soft,” says Kerro. Moreover, when he confessed his love for her, Marilyn had filled his new, on the wrist, covering the scar that she had in 2014. Then she lived in Moscow and felt so lonely that she did not want to live. Marilyn closed the bathroom, drank a whole box of sleeping pills and cut her wrists. It saved a friend who accidentally went to visit, what Kerro does not get tired to thank her.

Мэрилин Керро выбрала имя будущему ребенку“It was a wonderful experience to understand who’s next. I often think about life and death, how stupid everything was. I was looking for love not in itself, but from other people. And happy that a higher power gave me another chance. Think, how many things have missed if I was not saved. And now I know how to appreciate what I have. And the tattoo was done to look at the hands, was not of bad memories. Therefore, I have depicted the heart and the line of the cardiogram, as a symbol of life. Because we should always choose life,” said Kerro.
Мэрилин Керро выбрала имя будущему ребенку

Marilyn promised that next tattoo will be the name of the unborn child. Witch hides the gender of their baby, but knows exactly how it will be called. Kerro confessed that the name of the firstborn long ago keeps in mind, she had long dreamed of becoming a mother. And although the father of the child Marilyn don’t like it on my own.

“We already have a name for an unborn child. We barely fight over it, because Mark doesn’t like that name. But I said I want. I chose it, and it’s in my head. I can only say that in this name the letter “R” and the letter “a”, – said Kerro.

Now pregnant Kerro is not engaged in private practice, as fears that this may affect the energy of the child.

Marilyn also told that her magical powers will be passed to the baby only if it is a girl. Many fans of the witches sure: Kerro a daughter.