Сына Эвелины Бледанс затравили из-за вызывающего внешнего вида Many fans were surprised how good it looks senior heir of the presenter. Evelina Bledans rarely puts pictures with Nicholas. In the last image a young man appeared in a completely unexpected way.

Evelina Bledans loves to share with the fans details of his artistic activities and leisure. She often posts pictures with his younger son Simeon and her ex-husband, with whom she maintained a good relationship. But the eldest heir of the presenter rarely becomes the hero of her posts.

According to the artist, nick doesn’t like it when she shares the pictures with his participation. The young man immediately adopted a new family of mom, but now he is in a wonderful relationship as mother and younger brother. The new photos Bledans appeared with the grown-up heir, which completely changed the style. He shaved his Mohawk and painted it green.

“In Israel and her son Kolya. Barely persuaded on one photo in the network,” signed touching the frame Evelina.

Bledans has repeatedly noted that is proud of her son and his accomplishments. Relatives are not as common as we would like, but every day spent together, the presenter remembers for a long time.

Fans noted that Evelina looks just incredible. But the new style of her son’s fans strongly condemned. According to them, the young man looks out of place parked outside an elegant and stylish mother.

“Hmm, it would be better it you were not persuaded to be photographed. It looks strange, inadequate,” “Stylish guy, but my mom looks much steeper than it” “I don’t understand why so disfigure yourself? Like a clown” – opinions of fans of the presenter.

Itself Bledans pays no attention to criticism in the address of the heir. Star long accustomed to the fact that it the ones flying the negative reviews. Them Evelyn did not react, continuing to share with fans the details of his personal life.

Now the actress and her the heir to rest in Israel. Bledans happy to share photos with Sunny beaches and markets. It is fun to interact with the locals, but also enjoy the flavor of the country.

According to fans, Evelina literally blossomed after the divorce. She got even more travel, more blending on the red carpet. When this star always finds time to play and exercise with his youngest son Simeon. According to the artist, the heir makes a considerable success. Despite his diagnosis, the boy grows cheerful and very inquisitive.