Супруга Владимира Зельдина раскрыла правду о его самочувствии Now the famous actor is in one of the Moscow hospitals. According to his wife Yvette of E., Zeldin complained of problems with pressure. At the moment the doctors are looking for the cause of his condition.

      Супруга Владимира Зельдина раскрыла правду о его самочувствии

      Today in a press there was an information that the 101-year-old Vladimir Zeldin was in a military hospital. “StarHit” contacted his wife by Yvette E. and learned about the state of celebrity. Wife Zeldin has confirmed that he is indeed on medication, but denied urgent hospitalization of an actor. According to Yvette Evgenievna, star’s not feeling very well, and at the moment medical professionals are engaged in the examination of the artist to understand the cause of his poor health.

      “Vladimir is really now in the hospital. It is there for a long time – three weeks at least. When a person 101 years, it is difficult to give a specific reason. When he was hospitalized, he had problems with the pressure. The doctors are trying to find the reasons for this. It feels different: it is easier, then worse. Day to day,” – said Ivetta Zeldin “StarHit”.

      Recall that in August last year, Zeldin was in the hospital after he had broken his hip during the examination in a Moscow clinic . Journalists reported that this happened after Vladimir stumbled and fell. The result of the incident, the actor was in serious condition. The doctors did the surgery under anesthesia. After the artist’s wife reported that his health has improved.

      Vladimir Zeldin is the oldest national actor of the country and the only actor who remains in the profession, regardless of age. On account of his work in more than 40 films, including such known, as “Uncle Vanya”, “pig and shepherd”, “the Princess and the pea”, “carnival night” and “the Woman in white”. In 2014, Zeldin said the 100-year anniversary at the Theater of the Russian army. To congratulate a celebrity birthday came Alla Pugacheva, Sergei Shoigu, Gennady Khazanov, Nikolay Baskov, Olga Kabo, Alexander Shirvindt and many others.

      Vladimir Zeldin is married to the journalist Yvette E. in 1964. In his interview with the wife of the actor said that over the years of their marriage, he has not changed. In turn, Zeldin admitted that Yvette E. – the woman who managed to conquer. The choice of the artist constantly supported him and almost always present at performances of her husband.