После развода с Джигурдой Анисина встретит новую любовь Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future stars. According to women, the pair was not destined to be together. They decided to divorce, and to forgive each other old insults they will not succeed.

      Marina Anisina and Nikita Dzhigurda divorce – skater announced that he wanted to sever relations with her husband due to irreconcilable differences between them. 41-year-old Anisina those and 55-year-old Dzhigurda, who were married 8 years, two children – 7-year-old Mick-angel-Krist and 6-year-old Eva-Vlad. Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied dates of birth of stars and explained that was the reason for their divorce. Marina Anisina demands a divorce with Nikita Dzhigurda

      “Marina was born in the so-called in numerology, “the Day of the rock,” says Clara. – Hence, her character is strong, powerful. Life code Anisina – 436 279 – suggests that for all the charisma and apparent self-confidence Marina complexed personality, having low self-esteem. This, coupled with her talent and hard work, helped her to achieve such high results in sport – Anisina since childhood, unhappy himself and constantly forced to prove (primarily to myself) that she is. Sports helped her to grow in self-esteem and gave confidence in their abilities. And this despite the fact that she numerology are not athletes!”

      According to numerology, the big role in relations Anisina those with a spouse was the fact that at the moment she is going through a difficult time. The athlete no longer feels attachment to father their children, but because he sees no future with him.

      “The reason for divorce was a period of energy decline, where the Marina is located from the 30th of August, the day of his birth, explained Kuzenbaeva. – This time is characterized by the rejection of the partner, the fading of feelings for him. And Marina, and the Dzhigurda in the vital codes no fours. This encourages them to frequent quarrels – the peace and quiet of this pair to be seen. Their marriage was held on the sacrifice Anisina those who did everything to please her husband and children, forgetting about yourself. But the recession forced her to look differently at your spouse”.

      Contrary to popular belief that Marina Anisina and Nikita Dzhigurda once again reconciled, as it was before after the announcement of divorce, numerologist assured: ahead of the illustrious champion of another marriage. “One Anisina will not. At 44 she may again become a mother, plus her waiting for a tremendous career growth”, says Clara Kuzenbaeva.

      Clara Kuzenbaeva also noted that Nikita Dzhigurda is quite a lot of positive character traits that attract people to him. However, to live with him any woman would be unbearable.

      “The chair is very complicated in the home. He constantly mutters, picking on small things. Nikita is a good man, but living with him unbearable, – continues the expert. His life code – 2911 257 – suggests that Nikita was born in “Day creative individualist”. He has a strong character and great energy, but his emotions will prevail over reason. In numerology such persons are called polar vampires. Dzhigurda was 100% sure that Marina never leave. He always felt for her a feeling of neglect and considered myself above it.”

      It is noteworthy that the option of resuming relations with her husband Anisina, apparently, not considered. According to numerology Kuzenbaeva, the athlete will not be able to forgive Hold of all that was, and he, in turn, will eventually become only more aggressive.

      “Three deuces in the code of Nikita talking about the fact that the radius of his wrath reaches six meters – closer to the artist when he’s angry, I would not advise anyone, says Clara. – The chair can not only yell at disagreeable person, but to hit him, causing injury. After he regrets what he did, but the point is already made… But two sevens in the code cause the Least quickly forgiven for his antics – he is so charming. Given that Marina, too often prone to mood swings, sometimes the husband acted as the donor – in this lies the secret of their long marriage. Celebrity broke up finally – vindictive Marina is not configured for the resumption of the relationship, and out of the chair (not more forgiving) of those adamant people who never return to the past”.