Wife Of LeBron James

		Жена Леброна Джеймса

Star and one of the most valuable and highly paid NBA players playing on the position of the light and heavy forward of “Los Angeles Lakers”, has a set of honorary titles and titles, three years learned what a basketball when his mother gave him for Christmas a real basketball.

Wife of LeBron James Savannah, Osceola center witnessed all his achievements, since they met while studying in high school. Since then they never parted, and in the end of 2011, got engaged. Two years later the couple celebrated the wedding and invited to a celebration of about two hundred people, among whom were many celebrities, NBA stars, singer, Neyo and other famous personalities.

		Жена Леброна Джеймса

Photo: LeBron James with wife

Guests were entertained by guest stars – Jay Z and Byonce, and the celebration lasted for three days. His newly minted wife, James said:

“It is important that you have someone who helps you to survive and overcome any difficulties, I’m happy now to call you Mrs. Savannah James,” he turned towards the wife of the basketball player.

LeBron and Savannah reminisced about their first date, which took place in a small cafe “Steakhouse”.

		Жена Леброна Джеймса

At the time James lived in Akron, and his future sweetheart and went to different schools and met through the sport, LeBron was promising in College football and basketball for boys, and Savannah is a cheerleader.

		Жена Леброна Джеймса

She even thought that her boyfriend will ever be a NBA star, but does not exclude that LeBron James will be the hero of his native city. Next after the wedding year, LeBron gave his wife a Ferrari Testarossa, a car which she saw in his favorite TV show “Maiami Vice”.

Now the couple has two sons and a daughter, and only the youngest child of James was born after the official ceremony.

The eldest son, LeBron James Jr., fourteen years old, and Bryce Maximus, eleven, and daughter of a Judge in this year will be four years.

		Жена Леброна Джеймса

Photo: the Family of LeBron James

LeBron calls his wife the boss in the family, because on the shoulders of the Savannah rests the whole house.

“It’s hard for me to be absent for two and a half weeks, and then come and tell the kids it must be done this way or this way, and Savannah next to them all day,” says James.

Wife of LeBron James in an interview shared that supportive of her husband throughout his career and did everything to a good home for him.

		Жена Леброна Джеймса

The couple devote much time to philanthropy – Savannah annually organizes the event, the proceeds of which go to help disadvantaged children, and in addition, the family Foundation, James has contributed more than forty million dollars in scholarships to students Abrenskogo University.

		Жена Леброна Джеймса

On the photo: LeBron with wife

Biography of LeBron James in early childhood was not the best way – he grew up in the poorest areas dominated by gangs and criminal groups, and only the efforts of his mother helped him to avoid bad influences. Serious passion for sports came to him in ten years, and he immediately began to show great results, what attracted the attention of coach Bruce Kelker, determined guy in a children’s American football team.

		Жена Леброна Джеймса

For a long time he combined his two sports – football and basketball, and to say goodbye to football, James had after he broke his finger, and despite the lack of seriousness of the injury, LeBron decided not to expose their health to danger, preferring basketball.

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