Георгий Великанов, жена

About George Velikanova talking after he with his life saved by a homeless man had fallen on the railway track from the platform. He served in the Moscow temple of all-merciful Saviour in Mitino an altar boy and a chorister, he was the press Secretary of the service “Mercy” and just a kind generous person. The wife of George Natalia Velikanova, left a widow, felt lonely and lost, but not angry and is still the same kind, which knew her dead husband.

When they met, Natalie was Dating another man, but the relationship wasn’t working, and in Georgia, she found a kindred spirit who can always understand and help. It so happened that, after they hadn’t spoken in six months, and then the Giants called Natasha and asked to meet.

		Георгий Великанов, жена

On the photo: Georgy Giants with his wife Natalia

Arriving, he said he can’t forget her.

“I prayed, and the Lord I have long pointed to the fact that you’re my wife, I just somehow did not obey God, and the other you was – in short, I couldn’t decide to say it,” said when meeting George.

Natalia understood that she does not want to lose George, but unlike him, she was concerned with the material side of life in the Church, he was earning a pittance, she, too, was the complexity of the work.

		Георгий Великанов, жена

Later, the Giants found something in the Internet on one of the Orthodox sites, but worked there for only as long as was able to earn for the wedding, and then returned to the Church.

Financially they were very difficult – the money was just enough for a rental, but was compensated by his love, therefore the wife of George Velikanova did not complain about the fate. She is constantly surprised by his generosity and love he showed to all people without exception.

		Георгий Великанов, жена

George loved to introduce and reconcile people hated conflict and he had never participated. His wife Natalie says that she can sometimes angry and to Express their dissatisfaction with the husband, and he never did the same to her and not calm down until you make peace with the wife.

		Георгий Великанов, жена

On the photo: Georgy Giants

George Velikanova had a lot of plans for the future – he wanted to become a priest, wanted to work with children who have autism, but his plans were not destined to be fulfilled.

Widow of George Velikanova said that never seen such love that I learned when I lived with my husband.