Жена Валерия Меладзе

It is called the last romantic Russian singing and love for the lyrical style of performance. It seems that in his personal life Valery Meladze everything should be touching and romantic, but not always everything worked out the way in his beautiful compositions.

In order to be happy again, he had to destroy his first family and be a severe blow to the woman, who gave him twenty years of his life – first wife of Valery Meladze, Irina was very upset by the betrayal of her husband when he announced that he’s leaving her for another.

Personal life of Valery Meladze

After living two decades with the woman who gave him three children and survived its UPS and downs, the singer decided to change everything when in the biography of Valery Meladze has started other relationships.

First wife of Valery Meladze

With Irina Maluhina Valery met when I studied in Nikolaevsk shipbuilding Institute. Then they were twenty years old, and just before graduation they decided to get married. The beginning of family life Irina and Valeria was marred by a sad event – they died with their infant son lived only ten days.

		Жена Валерия Меладзе

On the photo: Valery Meladze with his first wife

After a year Irina gave birth to her second child – a daughter Inga, and then with a difference in eight years and three years, appeared two daughter Valery Meladze – Sophia and Arina. The wife of singer and had no idea that when they are the third husband and daughter was just a baby, he already had another woman, and over her family faced a real threat of collapse.

		Жена Валерия Меладзе

That Valeria had an affair, Irina learned from her husband when Arina was three years old:

“Valery told me that he has relationships on the side, even a child. To the question “who”, he answered nothing. But it was a matter of 20 minutes to figure out who. I understand that Albina nervous too much. I didn’t understand the reasons of such behavior,” – says Irina.

Then Albina dzhanabaeva was a soloist of group “VIA Gra”, and Valery’s wife treated her like the rest of the team, not understanding why dzhanabaeva hides his eyes upon meeting her. Irina said that when he learned that Albina gave birth to a son, congratulated her, not knowing that this child is from her husband.

		Жена Валерия Меладзе

Irina Meladze

Of course, it is understood that in recent years, their family life was something going on, but even could not think that close to the man she loved, could betray.

She wanted to know, and if Valery Meladze was not so successful and wealthy, would pay attention to it Albina?

		Жена Валерия Меладзе

On the photo: Irina with her older daughter

After the cheating husband opened up and there was a question about his withdrawal from the family, foremost for Irina became to make this event less likely to hit their children. For daughters Meladze his departure from them was a real shock.

“The pain remains and will not go anywhere. Such things are not forgotten. Still, this story hurt me. But you have to live with it,” says the middle daughter Meladze Sofia.

Valery Meladze and Albina dzhanabaeva, the history of relations

Now Meladze and dzhanabaeva all known the married couple, raising two sons, and when they carefully hid their relationship, and even after the birth of their first child did not declare themselves a couple, because he was still married to Irina.

		Жена Валерия Меладзе

Meladze and dzhanabaeva

With the albino he met on stage for a long time she was a backing vocalist in his band, and the romance between them could not go even a question. However, soon between them have chemistry, mutual liking, and although the team was not welcomed novels, colleagues began to notice that Valery and Albina associates not only work.

		Жена Валерия Меладзе

Dzhanabaeva says that tried several times to break up with Meladze, but I couldn’t. They kept their affair secret, and the press tried to ask the singer uncomfortable questions, he threatened the court.

So as not to cause universal condemnation, Valery Meladze even refused to acknowledge kinship with the little Bones, though outwardly they are very similar to each other.

		Жена Валерия Меладзе

Photo: Albina with small Bones

Together Meladze and dzhanabaeva been more than fourteen years, although their marriage was registered relatively recently.

In 2014 they signed, and in the same year, the wife of Valery Meladze Albina dzhanabaeva gave birth to her second child – son Luca.

Many argue that the relationship in this pair is far from perfect, but with every appearance, Valery and Albina demonstrate warm feelings to each other.

“Any relationship needs to fill. In order to get love and warmth, try to find it first in yourself and share it with others! Give, asking nothing in return!”, – says Albina.

Children Of Valery Meladze

Now the singer has five children – three daughters from his first marriage and two sons from the second. Despite the fact that ex-wife Valeriy Meladze, Irina had a very hard time going through a divorce, she found the strength to maintain with him normal relations, though not immediately, but after some time.

		Жена Валерия Меладзе

Daughter Valery Meladze

The eldest son of Valery Constantine this year was fourteen years old, Junior Luke four. Kostya, according to Valeria music is not attractive – he’s more interested technique.

“He’s really interested in technology, and in its warehouse of thinking he is an engineer, same as me. He loves everything about technology, mechanics, electricity. He is currently working on a Tesla coil” – shared in an interview Meladze.

Konstantin, when you had the chance, had fun with the albino on tour, it was always interesting to visit different cities and countries.

		Жена Валерия Меладзе

Valery Meladze and Albina Dzhanabaeva and Bones

Dzhanabaeva says that when she was little, she was devoted too little time, and tries to compensate for it now. After the birth of the youngest Luke she almost ceased to speak, interrupted his career in the theater, replacing the concert outfits for casual home clothes. Now it is sometimes difficult to recognize the once elegant soloist of “Viagra”.

		Жена Валерия Меладзе

Youngest son Luke is in character quite similar to its older brother – he is more active and demanding, offended if he was not paying attention and already shows character.

		Жена Валерия Меладзе

Children Valery Meladze tries to be attentive and kind, although sometimes you have to show rigor. His new family, he moved to a luxury country house near Moscow, leaving the old family house on the ruble.

Daughter from the first marriage of the singer all grown up. Senior Inga, in 2015, married a guy, who dated for eight years. Elect Inga Nori Verges proposed to her when they were vacationing in Marrakech, a luxurious wedding played a year in Morocco, where I came from groom.

		Жена Валерия Меладзе

On the photo: Inga Meladze married

The celebration was held at a Golf and country club, and became an important event not only in the fate of Inga’s, but in the personal life of Valery Meladze. When the father took the daughter to the altar, to the naked eye it was noticeable how nervous he is. Valery, like his ex-wife, very happy with the choices Inga – Nori Vargis talented and purposeful young man and loves their daughter.

		Жена Валерия Меладзе

At the Banquet the bride’s parents sat at the dinner table, together with them were two other of their daughters. But the current wife Meladze at the celebration all the obvious reason no one was invited.

		Жена Валерия Меладзе

Your ex family Valery is often found on other family holidays, to which he invited his daughter, who eventually resentment at his father calmed down.