Жены Джека Николсона, личная жизнь

Jack Nicholson known to the General public for his roles in such films as “one Flew over the cuckoo’s nest,” “the Shining” and “not Yet played in a box”. The actor was nominated for “Oscar” 12 times, which can be considered a record, has received numerous other awards, for which deservedly can be called one of the most successful people in the film industry in General.

However, in addition to his achievements in the arts Nicholson likes to boast of and the number of conquered women’s hearts. Actresses, models and even the Director’s daughter – this is not a complete list of those who fell under his charm. However, only one of his loved ones received the status of “the wife of Jack Nicholson”.

Sandra Knight

From 1962 to 1968 he was married to Sandra knight, which was included in the personal life of Jack Nicholson during the filming of “Terror”. Let this marriage was short-lived, he is still an actor only. In addition, he had a daughter named Jennifer.

		Жены Джека Николсона, личная жизнь

A scene from the movie “the Terror”

“I’m very young and I can’t promise that I will not touch another woman” – mentally said Nicholson, referring to God during a wedding ceremony.

And he did not lie. Subsequently he received the fame of a womanizer who will not miss a single skirt.

Angelica Houston

The famous daughter of the famous Director met with Jack at his birthday party, which went with his wife to his father. They danced all night, and then Angelica left for the night. Recalls the actress, Nicholson is constantly playing with her, begging for a meeting, then indifferently cancelling date. It lasted for 17 years. The pair broke up, it was connected again, there were scandals, and weekend together, reminiscent of a quiet family. During their romance followed all of Hollywood. The photo below is of the lovers resting together:

		Жены Джека Николсона, личная жизнь

Jack and Angelica

Personal life Jack Nicholson was in full swing, despite a long-term relationship, he remained true to himself (but not Angelique). But the woman was not discouraged. Finding the bathroom the details of the female toilet, which did not belong to her, she never had a debriefing. Perhaps that is why their Union lasted so long.

“With him nothing could go according to the script,” says Houston.

Such a long relationship is quite logical was to end with the marriage ceremony, but the views on marriage of Angelica and Jack did not match. The actress saw him as a symbol of female slavery, and Jack was ready to go to the registry office solely in order to reduce taxes. So Houston was never destined to become the wife of Jack Nicholson.

		Жены Джека Николсона, личная жизнь

Jack and Angelica appear together in public

Acting couple broke up when it became known that the Nicholson Rebecca Broussard pregnant. Houston very upset by the breakup, while Jack was having fun: for example, it became known that during the meeting he spanked some girl with a racket ping-pong table. Then Angelica, beside himself with resentment, came to his office and put up a fight. To the credit of the actor, he did not resist, allowing her to vent anger. And on New Year she received a bracelet pearls with diamonds, with attached note: “Pearls from your scoundrel.”

Rebecca Broussard

Like many other novels, this did not last long, however, he brought to Jack Nicholson’s two children: daughter Lorraine and son Raymond. Rebecca a quarter of a century younger than Jack, perhaps, the age difference played a decisive role: to spend time with such a young girl, the actor was simply bored. They stayed together for five years, from 1989 to 1994. The photo shows one of the few joint appearances in the light:

		Жены Джека Николсона, личная жизнь

Jack and Rebecca

However, since 2001 Broussard married to actor Alex Kelly, so her life is going well than this could be expected, staying with his infamous cheating Nicholson.

The eldest daughter, Lorraine, 13 years in films, and even received the title of Miss Golden globe. However it is not is awarded for outstanding role, but simply sons and daughters of famous people.

		Жены Джека Николсона, личная жизнь

Jack, Lorraine and Raymond

Susan Anspach

During the filming of the movie “Five easy pieces” (1970) private life of Jack Nicholson joined his partner on the filming Susan Anspach. To resist the charisma of the actor it was difficult. In the year of the release of the movie Susan was born the son of Caleb. The actress claims that his father is Nicholson, but he did not confirm this information, which gives reason for doubt, because in all other cases, from their children Jack Nicholson didn’t disown. Needless to say, the wife of Jack Nicholson was not destined to become this girl.

		Жены Джека Николсона, личная жизнь

“Five easy pieces”

Winnie Hollman

A successful model of Danish origin could not fail to attract the attention of a famous Hollywood womanizer. However, it is impossible not to mention that they looked lovely together.

		Жены Джека Николсона, личная жизнь

Jack and Winnie

In 1981 the couple had a daughter named honey, who looks after her mother. She also prophesied a modeling career.

		Жены Джека Николсона, личная жизнь

Jack and his daughter Hani


Nicholson admits that the advent of children changed things for him. He was an unusually attentive father, and took time for children, even during filming.

		Жены Джека Николсона, личная жизнь

Jack and his daughter

“They give such overwhelming love that all the thick skin, narushennaya over the years, subsides, and you can shed a tear from a children’s poem,” says the actor.

Now his daughter Jennifer has its own boutique where she designs clothes, he is called “the Pearl”, and Lauren enjoys football. A father’s pride is that he won a sports tournament.

		Жены Джека Николсона, личная жизнь

Jack, his daughter and grandchildren