Кевин Де Брюйне: жена

Famous Belgian attacking midfielder has attracted the attention not only of football fans, how many of the cheerleaders.

However, it is better not to hope because he already has a wife. Kevin de Bruyne great supports in the form of his beautiful wife named Michelle.

To indicate a strong marriage in which reigns love and mutual understanding can the existence of the son with whom the parents spend a lot of time.

		Кевин Де Брюйне: жена

Kevin and Michelle

I met young people in 2014. Then Kevin was depressed because of the separation from his youthful love Caroline, who allegedly cheated on him in revenge for his own infidelity.

As said, de Bruyne, all of her suspicions were false and never based.

If you believe his version of events, you can imagine how overwhelmed he felt.

Thus, the personal life of Kevin de Bruyne at that time was not the best way. But Michelle made him forget about the sadness, having captivating in its beauty. And no wonder that it so easily managed, because the girl is professionally engaged in athletics and still plays sports, but just to maintain health and good physical shape.

		Кевин Де Брюйне: жена

Michelle on the beach

In March 2016, with a young family, a son was born. The boy was named Mason, and despite his young age he is often with mom at matches father, supporting from the stands with their presence.

		Кевин Де Брюйне: жена

Michelle and their young son

The couple were in the habit to travel a lot together, and another birthday, Kevin gave his beloved a romantic trip to Paris – the city is all loving and beloved. Creating a suitable occasion atmosphere, he got down on one knee and offered Michelle his hand and heart.

The following year, in June, they are going to play a luxury wedding in Italy, in Sorrento. There Michelle Lacroix became the wife of Kevin de Bruyne. Among those invited to this marvelous city on the banks of the sea were only the closest people. And the rest was destined only to admire the stunning photographs from the event.

		Кевин Де Брюйне: жена

The bride and groom