Wife of Andrei Arshavin remembered how she left her husband for a whirlwind romance

Жена Андрея Аршавина вспомнила, как ушла от мужа из-за бурного романа The family of the famous football player marks an important date: their common daughter of Eseni was eight months. For this reason Alice Arshavin has published a rare picture from the personal archive. The woman admitted that he is happy in the marriage.
Жена Андрея Аршавина вспомнила, как ушла от мужа из-за бурного романа

In September 2016, the footballer Andrei Arshavin has legalized relationship with journalist Alice Catimini. Before the lovers met for a few years. Wedding couples took place in a narrow circle of relatives and friends. In February of this year, Alice became the mother of many children – she gave the chosen one a charming girl called Asena.

This year Arshavin celebrated a wedding anniversary. On this occasion, the choice of the athlete released a rare shot from the personal archive. In the picture, which appeared on Instagram of Alice, she is depicted together with the chosen one. The couple looks very happy.

“It’s six years ago. There are no filters, Botox and fillers. I do not put photos with filters, you can’t. Although educated. And from a family of educated physicians. Here two people who loved each other and had left their families behind, where both sides have children. The first of September we had an anniversary of marriage. Over the years on me and it poured so much filth. But I think that we have survived with dignity. With whom we just did not compare, they say, he is cheating, I’m a prostitute, drug addicts, alcoholics”, – said footballer’s wife.
Жена Андрея Аршавина вспомнила, как ушла от мужа из-за бурного романа

Fiancee Andrey Arshavin has admitted that thankful for meeting with him. According to Alice, she is happily married to an athlete.

Wife of Andrei Arshavin: “We have survived persecution and happy”

Жена Андрея Аршавина вспомнила, как ушла от мужа из-за бурного романа“I want to say thanks to fate that changed my life this way. I love, loved. A wonderful daughter, which is eight months. And here we are over 30 and look like we are 18. So clean and real… Thank you, life and fate. Well, the people who is loved and loves, he will understand,” said the woman.

Subscribers Arshavina thanked her for her sincerity. They also wished to spouses not to dwell on the comments of spiteful critics. “I wish you happiness, love and health, and the rest is nonsense”, “don’t think of stupid things,” “happy birthday to your daughter, People will always judge and mind your own business! World lovers, nobody understand” “do not listen”, “You are absolutely not changed,” discussed social media users.

In the comments to your post Alice Arshavin also answered several questions from subscribers. The woman refuted the conjectures of ill-wishers that she allegedly agreed to meet a famous football player because of his financial situation.

Жена Андрея Аршавина вспомнила, как ушла от мужа из-за бурного романа“I lived in abundance and very good, friendly family. Went to a Bentley and the best resorts in the world, well it is for those who writes that because of the money. And my marriage was 10 years old when I decided to go to Andrew. And two kids, Alice 10 months. That’s so,” said Alice.

One of podeschi Arshavina noted that “no one knows how things really are”. In her opinion, nobody has the right to judge others. Footballer’s wife agreed with this point of view.

“My mother, when I left my husband, and warned that it will be tough and it will last a lifetime. I didn’t listen to her. We are so greatly loved. And her husband said, “I’m Sorry, but love another, leave, let go.” And dispersed. And communicate now. So I also wonder, when you put a stigma on me, knowing only one side. In the end, we have a complete family and to condemn no one has the right,” – said Arshavin.