Rustam Solntsev: “Drobysh jealous Buzova”

Рустам Солнцев: «Дробыш завидует Бузовой» The showman stood up for a starry friend. Rustam Solntsev commented on the conflict of Olga Buzova and Victor Drobysh. Former participant reality show “House-2” is the friend of the main singer of the Russian pop scene.
Рустам Солнцев: «Дробыш завидует Бузовой»

On the past weekend in the Network have been widely discussed conflict waged between producer Victor Drobysh and the leading “House-2” and singer Olga Buzova. The cause of the quarrel was a parody-slash-producer, actress Nastassja Samburski, which she performed on the show “New American idol” on one of the songs Buzova. The flames added a comment Drobysh regarding the current situation.

“I am very pleased that this “Factory” we touched “creativity” Olga Buzova, – Victor wrote in his blog. – She’s certainly a talented man, but still no one knows what is her talent. I am sure as a musician that music is not its strongest side. Moreover, erecting the plywood in officialdom, it makes the bad all the Russian show-business.”

Olga did not stay aside and also spoke to the celebrity.

Рустам Солнцев: «Дробыш завидует Бузовой»“In this story, it’s a pity the manufacturers, since their producer will never be able to tell them about how to really be a first in music, as his tracks only occasionally got at least the top 200 Russian iTunes. And about the parody of me of the actress from the TV series “Univer”, I’m glad that at least then, the country has learned about attempts nastasi sing,” retorted Buzova.

Couldn’t get past the scandal and showman Rustam Solntsev, who hastened to protect his girlfriend from the attacks of colleagues. “Olka, honey, stop crying about these wonderful people, opened his speech Rustam. – Everything is simple: Victor Drobysh known borrowing in his compositions of music Western authors. Now as for his managerial skills. One of his players he brought to the status of mega-star?”

Rustam believes that Olga should not be upset because of the producer. The sun admires the fact that his friend had achieved success in the music industry, although it took very little time after the first song.

“So, Ol’, don’t pay any attention to anybody. You have to understand that it’s all professional jealousy. How is it that Buzova less than a year, was the main singer of the Russian pop scene? Than I am with you, by the way, dear, and congratulations! Of course, people do not give rest…” – said the showman.

Rustam Solntsev also advised Drobysh to leave alone his friend. He drew attention to the fact that Olga has no spouse who could stand up to her defense. Victor Drobysh apologized to Olga Buzova

“Victor, I want to appeal to you. You ought not to laugh at the young girl. It is clear that she is not married and nobody can defend, but what now, all the aul for it to pounce? God you pray to, stop! I grew up with Olga on the same site, she’s a good girl, enough to hurt her!” – completed former participant of “House-2”.