Relatives of Alexey Batalov finally decided the issue of inheritance

Родственники Алексея Баталова окончательно решили вопрос с наследством The actor’s widow told about the relationship with his daughter from his first marriage Hope. According to Getany Arkadyevna, the woman is not offended because of the fact that all the property passed to Mary. Younger heiress of the artist suffering from cerebral palsy, so her need care.
Родственники Алексея Баталова окончательно решили вопрос с наследством

After the death of Alexey Batalov in June this year began the fight for his legacy. The actor has two daughters: Hope, born in the first marriage, and Mary. A bequest, a large part of the estate will go to the youngest heir of the artist. Wife movie stars Gitana leontenko and Mary grieved at the departure of a loved one.

“Stop crying, but trying to stay. Goes to the ballet, the theatre, the Conservatory. And now collects poems, sayings Alesha and wants to issue a small edition for friends. But I will never be able to accept that it is not. Even from home do not go. We’re with Alyosha life were together 55 years, married, 64 years old familiar. I even sleep in his shirt,” admitted Gitana leontenko.

According to the widow Batalov, they managed to settle almost all the issues on inheritance. Hope doesn’t hold a grudge against the deceased father for the fact that almost all the property passed to Mary. The youngest daughter of a movie star suffers from cerebral palsy, as was injured at birth.

“What offended her? I’m not offended that she has a one bedroom apartment, her daughter, the granddaughter of Alyosha, too is housing. He and his first wife parted ways over half a century ago. And I think he helped with housing, everyone got a piece. Here we have this apartment for three, 20 years ago, Alyosha, your share gave me. Place here, of course, expensive, but not 80 million as they say on TV. All inherited three tiny rooms, three cupboard, that’s all I’ve got,” he said, Leontenko.

The Hope preferred not to discuss issues that relate to the property Batalov. The woman normally gets along with Gitana Arkadievna, so not going to sue for the inheritance. The eldest daughter said in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda” that does not communicate with journalists personally.

“Nadya and friends for many years, she is very good comes to us. Alex loved her too, but it so happened that she lived all his life and rarely appeared. Neither the granddaughter or great-granddaughter to him did not come, for some reason not wanted. He can’t run to him and say, “Here I am, look at me!” There’s a lot of years already has another family. Irene, the first wife, remarried, maybe Nadia’s stepfather’s dad was called…” – said the widow of the artist.