Wife of Andrei Arshavin has rejected accusations of his alleged mistress

Жена Андрея Аршавина отвергла обвинения его предполагаемой любовницы The wife of a famous football player was back in the center of the scandal. Kazakhstan model Olga Semenova is going to sue the Alice Arshavina because of threats against her. However, the choice of the athlete believes that the girl just wants to attract attention.
Жена Андрея Аршавина отвергла обвинения его предполагаемой любовницы

Lately the wife of Andrei Arshavin Alice is at the center of one scandal after another. Not yet subsided fuss about the incident on Board the plane, when the woman was removed from the flight, as Kazakhstan model Olga Semenova has declared its threats. The girl claims that Alice attacked her after the publication of a video in which Arshavin to party in one of clubs of Alma-ATA. According to Olga, the choice of the player was presented by the employee of FSB, promised to throw her a prohibited substance and “cut off fingers”.

The airline explained the true cause of the conflict with the wife of Andrei Arshavin

The FSB denied the information that Alice Arshavin is an employee of the intelligence services. Journalists contacted by Alice Arshavina, commented the statements alleged mistress of her husband. The woman denies that Olga was threatened with physical violence.

“Another person who wants to become famous at the expense of others and earn. As far as I know, she is a gold-digger, what she said quite openly. I did not react to her words and didn’t answer her. Of course, I was not the employee of FSB. She took it from the history of aircraft,” said Alice.

According to Arshavina, the noise that rose in the press, will have a positive impact on career Semenova. Alice believes that Olga “absolutely nothing to do with our family of Andrew”.

Famous footballer’s wife has also reported that Semenov sent her a “compromising” Arshavin video before the New year. The athlete assured her that the video shows an ordinary party, his colleagues, where they celebrated victory in the Cup of Kazakhstan. After some time Semenova again made contact with Alice. The model claimed that Andrew takes care of her, and threatened to release the recording to the media. Wife Arshavin reacted calmly to the statements of the girls.

“The video clearly shows how Semenova asks his girlfriend to remove this video, not limited to photos. Arshavin thought with him once again want to be photographed. If you look further, you see – she holds his hand. While Andrew himself is constantly hiding behind her back,” said Alice.

Arshavin himself, as told to his wife, prefers not to respond to the unfolding scandal. According to Alice, the athlete is worried about her and children who had to face such an unpleasant situation, writes Russia Today.

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