Catherine Deneuve: “to Flirt with women is not a crime”

Катрин Денев: «Заигрывать с женщинами — это не преступление»

The other day the awarding ceremony “Golden globe”, where all the guests came in black. Stars dressed in all black in protest against harassment. But 100 famous French women do not agree with such actions of Hollywood stars. Recently one hundred famous French women, led by actress Catherine Deneuve has written an open letter in which he said that “abusing women” is quite natural and is an integral part of freedom of action.

Катрин Денев: «Заигрывать с женщинами — это не преступление»

“Rape is a crime. But persistent or tactless advances — no. In light of the things Weinstein was due to legitimate attention to the problem of sexual harassment. Needed it. However, this freedom of speech today leads to the opposite: forcing us to speak as necessary, is intended to silence those who disagree,” the letter reads.

This is not the first time Deneuve expresses his disagreement to the entire situation with Weinstein. Last fall, she condemned those who fell on the producer’s allegations and launched the social media campaign #balancetonporc, which literally translates as “show your pig.”

Renowned film critic and columnist of the newspaper “Kommersant” Andrey Plahov has not left without attention the letter of the French in his Facebook commented on this message: “against the background of yesterday’s pathetic Hollywood action “women in black” strong dissonance letter sounded 100 famous French women published today in “Le Monde”. The direction which took the campaign against harassment, characterized the letter as a “witch hunt”, the revival of Puritanism and encroachment on sexual freedom. The style of this hasty and unsubstantiated campaign essentially discreditied ideas of feminism, which the authors of the letter just close. Among the signatories are scientists-psychologists, journalists, workers of art and literature. Suffice it to mention the names of the Grand ladies of French creative Olympus — 88-year-old radical writer Catherine Robbe-Grillet (widow of Alain Robbe-Grillet), 69-year-old writer Catherine millet (author Frank novel “the Sexual life of Catherine M.”) and 74-year-old movie star Catherine Deneuve. As well as singer and actress 79-year-old Ingrid kaven, the former at the time the wife of Fassbinder.
The first two Catherine is known for her prose with elements of the erotic extreme. Catherine Deneuve in 1971 he signed a letter for the legalization of abortion written by Simone de Beauvoir, signed by Agnes Varda and a total of the “343 Sluts”, as dubbed by the conservatives. There is no doubt that it is now in the camp of the conservatives will try to credit the authors of the new letter, however, they are beyond criticism. In any case, their life, lived with extraordinary men (add to the above Roger Vadim, Truffaut and Mastroianni), does not contribute to the slope of the years “to look for his pig.” Let them do it younger,” says Andrew.