The grandson of Spartaka Mishulina publicly appealed to his children

Внук Спартака Мишулина публично обратился к его детям Eduard Sorokin, residing in Tver has passed a DNA test along with his illegitimate heir. Another relative Spartaka Mishulina admitted that he was glad to find relatives in the face of Timur Eremeeva and Karina of Mishulin.
Внук Спартака Мишулина публично обратился к его детям

Some time ago, the people’s artist of the RSFSR Spartaka Mishulina found a new family. In addition to Timur Eremeeva from movie stars was another illegitimate son of Vladimir, acknowledged officially: the actor listed his father’s birth certificate. The child’s mother was the dancer Alexander Sorokin, Spartak Vasilyevich met her when I was playing in the Central theatre. Three years after the appearance of the heir Mishulin moved to another city, and his ex-lover left with the baby in Tver.

Spartak Mishulin continued to correspond with Sorokina and allocated money for the maintenance of the son. After Alexander Sorokin broke her leg, she was forced to leave the profession. The woman died in 1996. Vladimir, an illegitimate child Mishulina, was in bad company and landed in jail. In 2001, he died of lung disease. The man had an heir Eduard Sorokin, born in 1972. The grandson of Spartak Vasilyevich gave an interview in which he told about his parents, but also the attitude to the scandal with Timur Yeremeyev and Karina of Mishulin.

“Detractors of our family in Tver are spreading rumors that Baba Shura drunk. It’s not true. She was seventy-three years old — age-related ailments killed. (…) The father in recent years, the tragic fate of the fell. The nineties was a difficult time for the whole country. And Mr Spartakovich because of his hot-tempered nature got a bad criminal history. About his last years I would not like to tell. Let me just say that we talked, I visited him. He repented: “Forgive me for everything.” And I forgive”, – said Sorokin.
Внук Спартака Мишулина публично обратился к его детям

Edward now happily married. Men have wife Natalia and son Michael. According to Sorokin, it is very important that the child grow up in a complete family. Edward is good at communicating with the illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina Timur Yeremeyev. The young actor found himself nephew and asked for help. Timur and Edward passed a DNA test to establish relationship with Mishulin.

“The results did not doubt neither I nor Timur. And we were not wrong. I’m happy to have found uncle, though it sounds funny. Because I have relatives almost gone, no brothers or sisters. Dad and mom I was an only child. As, incidentally, Karina Spartak Vasilyevich and his wife Valentina Konstantinovna. And Timur from his mother Tatiana Anatolievna one. And together the three of us Mishulin,” says Edward.
Внук Спартака Мишулина публично обратился к его детям

According to Sorokin, he is always ready to support Karina Mishulina. The man says he will not allow the relative in the offense. Edward is sure that everyone needs to know their roots. Therefore, the grandson of Spartaka Mishulina reacted positively to the fact that Karina made peace with Timur. Sorokin has decided to publicly refer to them.

Karina Mishulina supported Timur Eremeeva in the theater

“Rejoice that you now have each other. You have nothing to share. Thank Spartak Vasilyevich for the gift of life to you both. Yes, and I without him there would be. In addition, anyway, and dad helped you to be in life and in the profession, didn’t dump you. They themselves emphasize that I never felt deprived of a father’s love and care. The most important thing. Often remember the good word of the great artist, but most importantly — your overall dad. And my grandfather! Well, we always look forward to your visit to Tver!” – said Edward.

During an interview with “Collection Caravan of stories” the grandson of Spartaka Mishulina also admitted that he is not going to change the name.