Андрей Малахов отмечает день рождения The TV presenter and editor-in-chief of the project “StarHit” turned 46 years old. Friends and colleagues have already started to congratulate Andrew, and we remember how successful it was for him this year.
Андрей Малахов отмечает день рождения

Today, January 11, Andrey Malakhov is celebrating a birthday. Many stars leave their good wishes for the presenter on personal pages in social networks. One of the first who congratulated the chief editor of “StarHit”, became Philip. The king of pop posted a touching Instagram post.

“Dear Andrew! My friend! My brother! The best godfather in the world! It so happened that over the years, you became very dear person for me, for my family, and especially with the birth of your first goddaughter of Alla-Victoria, and then godson, my son Martin, you became a full member of our family, I am very pleased. Your incredible human qualities that are inherent to people with thin and sensitive, talented, kind, generous and very attentive to make me and my family happy at the mere thought that you are our close friend and even more than just one! Thank you for what you are! For the fact that over the years have shared with me the joys and sorrows of my abnormal life, which is almost every day surprises out of the blue, and out of nothing, making mountains out of molehills”, – said Kirkorov to Malakhov.

The artist also said that this year was very successful for the broadcaster. “StarHit” recalls significant events.

In the summer of 2017, the news of the transfer of Andrei Malakhov from the First channel “Russia-1” became the most discussed news. For a long time the broadcaster had not named the true reason for a job change. At the moment it became known that the wife of Andrey Malakhov Natalia shkuleva pregnant. According to the journalist, he planned to take a maternity leave to be with his son, but his superiors are not allowed to do it. In the letter, published on our website, Malakhov addressed to the General Director of the TV company after it signed an agreement with rival channel.

“Dear Ernst! 45 years is an important milestone in the life of men, 25 of them I gave to you and “the First channel”. These years have become part of my DNA, and I remember every minute that you have devoted me. Thank you so much for everything you did for the experience that gave it to me for an amazing journey in the television way of life, which we passed together,” wrote Andrey.
Андрей Малахов отмечает день рождения

At the moment on the channel “Russia-1” launched two copyright draft Malakhov. On weekdays, the audience watching the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” and Saturday night is show night, “Hello, Andrew!”. New year’s eve broadcast on “Russia 1” with the participation of Andrey broke the ratings of other channels.

But the most striking moment in the life of Andrei Nikolaevich was the birth of their first child, son Sasha. The baby was born in mid-November. As admitted Malakhov, despite a busy schedule, he always rushes home to the family, to play with the heir. “Today in the daily whirlwind of esters, editorial staff meetings, and workshops, I know that is not standing still. I am moving forward. Albeit in small steps, sometimes even losing balance. And when my son Sasha will stand up on his feet and make your first step, I will tell him that we should not be afraid of falls: people fall to learn to climb. And yet every day I watch as our “little column” is changing. So we called him, because after eating Saxony should definitely wear straight, otherwise you’ll vomit. From eleven to three nights of sleep he does not give us, my son is a typical boy problems – colic,” said the proud father.

In addition, our magazine was 10 years old. On the occasion of Malakhov gathered all the friends in the Multimedia Art Museum.

The editors of the “StarHit” wishes Andrey happy birthday! Let you accompanied by good luck, loyal friends – you know what they are even in show business, bring their fans a positive attitude and the familiar to millions trademark smile, health son, wife and the whole family. Exclusives and ratings!