Жена Кержакова показала фальшивую талию

For a spectacular picture of Milan Kerzhakov was tightened in a corset, as beauties of the last century. Does she have something to hide?

Beauty requires sacrifice! The truth of the old adage was tested by the wife of a famous football player published on his page Instagram is a very unusual picture: the picture shows the waist Milana is hardly more than 45 cm in volume.

Fans, however, did not believe in the sudden thinness of married beauty and immediately diagnosed her: “Corset!”.

A particularly well-read nature even remembered Scarlett O’hara: the heroine of the famous novel “gone with the wind by using corset and maids sought literally stunning results.

“Mammy tightened her corset at the waist to 18 inches for bambinopoli dresses, and green muslin requires to not more than 17. “We need to tell her to tighten” thought Scarlett” – describes the transformation of his heroine Margaret Mitchell.

By the way, if inches convert to centimeters familiar to us, we get the following: 17 inch equal to 43.2 cm 18 ” – 45,7 cm

That is Milan could compete with literary beauty. And that waist the wife Kerzhakov is the most common, can be seen on her page on the social network. Adjacent to a spectacular photo, Milan posted a video with her friends where she of course slim, but within reasonable limits.

Video published Kerzhakova Milana (@milana_kerzhakova) Jul 31 2016 11:44 PDT

In General, the conclusion of this story is only one: despite emerging from time to time rumors about the pregnancy, to give birth to an heir, or heiress, beloved husband of Milan is not in a hurry. Although small pregnancy is very easy to hide it with a corset.

By the WAY

The most subtle cinematic waisted Russia is considered to be the waist of the actress Lyudmila Gurchenko. They say that by the time the film “Carnival night” her waist is not exceeded in the volume of 36 cm, But also thanks to the corset.

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