Анорексия или идеал: скандал вокруг фигуры Марии Погребняк

Socialite and wife of footballer Pavel Pogrebnyak again came under a barrage of criticism.

Allegations of excessive leanness caused the photo to Instagram, where the socialite decided to show off a beautiful dress. It is decorated with lace flowers and sheer top skirt shows off slender legs of hostess attire. But subscribers found them to be too thin…

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“These glamorous beauties of time food remains in their infinite “things” apparently”, “Under a hem beg juicy forms, not the stilts dried. Urgently to eat”, “It’s really scary”, “It seems to be a disease,” did not stint on criticism of people.

However, there were those who thanked Mary for inspiration:

“I’m here, too, the same physique and the same thin, I can’t cope with the complexes, so envy and admire, “you see, I’m a big girl, but when mommy was saying, “where are you going wearing such a skirt with your legs”, it’s like a splinter in your mind sitting. Moreover, in the fitting room to measure and purchase for themselves short, and people can’t wear. I look at Mary – she’s like my Internet-psychologist! Maybe I can someday be so brave!”

Allegations of excessive thinness Mary receives is not the first time. At some point she broke down and answered the detractors in Insragram:

“I don’t care what other people think. My husband likes how I look. And anyway, what you need to have the audacity to write me this heresy and call me anorexic!”

Also the player’s wife noted that it is not fast, its menu is balanced, but she refused from sweets and junk food and drink lots of water. And still leads an active lifestyle and moving a lot.

By the way, Mary wasn’t always slim. She suffered from excess weight, but a diet and lost weight, and, according to her, the first two-year struggle with excess weight was really hard for her. What wonder that she wants to boast of the results. The more that she was a mother of many children, they grow up with Paul and three sons.

And the figure of Mary like?

  • Athletic, smart, leggy, instead of to discuss, you better go to the gym
  • Kind of thin, but looks great!
  • Have you seen her legs?! They are too thin, Mary should eat more
  • What’s the difference – if only it was good

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