Wife Karachentsova: “We are praying and looking for money chemistry”

Жена Караченцова: «Мы молимся и ищем деньги на химию» Lyudmila Porgina spoke about the state of her husband. Wife movie stars claims that Nikolai Petrovich, there is a specialist George Frank. The actor has an inoperable tumor in his lung. However, they hope for the best and raise money for treatment.
Жена Караченцова: «Мы молимся и ищем деньги на химию»

In February, the actor found a mass in her left lung. Nikolai Petrovich was examined in Germany and came to the conclusion that it’s just inflammation. However, during the last scheduled rehabilitation, in Russia, found that abscess is transformed into a malignant tumor, besides inoperable.

Wife Karachentsova: “If cancer, we will fight”

Back in the spring Ludmila Porgina told “StarHit” about their trip to the cancer centre to Frankfurt, as they were worried, and then happy when fears of doctors was not confirmed.

“We could not think that all this time the tumor grew, – sighs the wife Karachentsova. In Germany we were told to take antibiotics and to be monitored every three months. In the end we got! But don’t give up. Nick tells me everyday: “Honey, I want to live. God already gave me 12 years after the accident. I will fight”. Husband October 27, will celebrate 73 years. I have ordered a Banquet in the restaurant. As a gift asked for a new Toyota.
Жена Караченцова: «Мы молимся и ищем деньги на химию»

This time I decided to be treated in Moscow with Professor George Frank, chief specialist of pathological anatomy in the Clinical hospital №1 of the office of the President. “To George Avraamovich we were sent the doctors who examined Kolya in the Sklifosovsky research Institute – continues the spouse of the actor. – World genius! I met with Frank and showed the results of histology. He confirmed that my husband has cancer. He needs time to determine at what stage the disease is and how to deal with it. One thing is clear – nick inoperable. The body can not withstand the surgical intervention, and I group of disability. Therefore, only chemistry, and we are ready. I admit, very worried. But I’m Sagittarius horoscope – always go to the barricades”.

The couple already has canceled all scheduled trips abroad – in Dubai and Turkey. At the moment, Ludmila Porgina only thinks about how to extend the life of my husband. For many years they live outside the city. Every day, she takes him for a walk together, they pass through 2 kilometers in the morning and evening. The actor then does with the nurse gymnastics. Regularly come to visit son Andrew and daughter-in-law Irene, as well as friends. After all Nikolay Petrovich can’t get behind the wheel, and the wife after the accident in February right away. The breathalyzer showed availability of alcohol in her blood.

Жена Караченцова: «Мы молимся и ищем деньги на химию»“I want to know, could that blow to provoke a tumor – says Lyudmila Andreevna. – Because the body of the husband underwent a lot of stress! Schelkovskaya Moscow court has convicted the driver of “GAZelle” crashed into us. But the company for which he worked, and informally, trying to shield himself and especially delaying the process. It’s a disgrace”.

Another headache – MHI will not cover the cost of treatment of the actor. “You know that chemistry will be costly, says Polina. – Of course, I would not want to go with an outstretched hand, because we used to handle on their own. I have already appealed for help to the charity Fund, I think, and this time have. But nothing – we will raise the whole of Russia, all the doctors for the salvation of people’s artist. Because Kohl’s is so good, more honest man I never met”.