The former housekeeper Anastasia Volochkova for the first time responded to allegations of theft

Бывшая домработница Анастасии Волочковой впервые ответила на обвинения в воровстве The woman clarified the situation relating to the sudden dismissal. She is sure that Anastasia just wanted to get rid of it. Lunges ballerina in his address, Heaven denies.
Бывшая домработница Анастасии Волочковой впервые ответила на обвинения в воровстве

Anastasia Volochkova has repeatedly said that a very trusted staff who work in her house. That is why the sudden dismissal of the housekeeper Rai became for all fans of the ballerina surprise. According to the star, the employee repeatedly stole money from her, was making luxurious house decoration and stuff.

Anastasia Volochkova shocked by the betrayal of a close person

“I am very close to be close to the people who work for me. I’m with them closer together, and then this happens. Hate to say it, Paradise I trust 100%”, – shared his feelings Volochkova in the program “You wouldn’t believe!”.

The housekeeper worked at artist for over ten years. She received good wages and a decent amount for daily needs of the family. Now, however, Anastasia finds that the money went for personal expenses Rai, and not to buy food.

Moreover, the dancer spotted the connection between the betrayal of the housekeeper and the driver. According to Anastasia Volochkova, the driver and assistant were covered with each other, to the hostess didn’t know about the loss of money or things. By the way, at the moment Alexander Skirtach is in jail and awaiting trial. Volochkova has already forgiven the Raya, as it believes that it will remain on her conscience. At the moment ballerina’s new assistant, who lives with a child and a husband in the annexe on site Anastasia.

Driver Anastasia Volochkova sent to jail

Herself the housekeeper, who has long kept silence, decided to talk with representatives of the program “You wouldn’t believe!”. The woman denies many of the accusations, considering them unfounded.

“Yeah, not true it all. I didn’t take anything. Any jewelry was not stolen. Food was different. She gave food, clothes and Arisha too. Nastya just needed to fire me, so she did it in a similar way”, – said the former assistant Volochkova.

Paradise now lives in a small village near Bryansk. The woman hasn’t thought about returning to the capital. Fans Volochkova was divided into two camps, because many of them think that the star should not have refused the services of reliable maids. Others believe that the ballerina faced with dishonest people who use her kindness. The very same Anastasia has not replied to a comment former assistant.