Olga Buzova commented on the parody clip Drobysh and Samburski

Ольга Бузова высказалась о пародийном клипе Дробыша и Самбурской

Producer Victor Drobysh and Nastasya Samburski did a mock video for the art of the singer Olga Buzova. TV presenter decided to speak out about this act.

Ольга Бузова высказалась о пародийном клипе Дробыша и Самбурской

“I am very glad that in this Factory we touched “creativity” Olga Buzova. She’s definitely a talented man, but still no one knows what is her talent. I am sure as a musician that music is not its strongest side. Moreover, erecting the plywood in officialdom, it makes the bad all the Russian show-business “, criticized the singer Drobysh.

This statement greatly angered the girl, but recently the producer wanted to collaborate with her and even offered to participate in “star factory”. “In this story, it’s a pity the manufacturers, since their producer will never be able to tell them about how to really be a first in music, as his tracks only occasionally got at least the top 200 Russian iTunes. And about the parody of me of the actress from the TV series “Univer”, I’m glad that at least then, the country has learned about attempts nastasi sing”, made unflattering comments about the girl the parody clip and the producer.

Fans divided into two camps. One part supported the girl, and the other was on the side of the Victor. But the fact is, songs of Olga Buzova really becoming popular and come in the TOP 10 most downloaded songs on the Internet. Recently, the world saw the singer’s debut album, which instantly got to the top of Itunes. The girl believes that her popularity is due to the sincerity and support of fans.

Ольга Бузова высказалась о пародийном клипе Дробыша и Самбурской

Also, in the review for Super public, the girl said that the man is able to speak about the girl and that there is no Drobysh.

Not one producer spoke at the expense of musical ability. For example, premiums Music Box Buzova made in a Frank and daring outfit that suited the taste of the actress Yana Poplavskaya. “It’s not that it seems a pity, as this dress is for reception of clients at the brothel, and that nobody stops and not thrown out with the Moscow events,” said Poplavskaya.

To protect the singer was a former participant of “House-2” Rustam Solntsev. “You know, I often come on the capital’s parties and never seen them to Yana. Probably because they go the people to call, not women, who spew hatred. I am afraid that now this is her fate – to pour slops on young beautiful girls, walking along the red carpet events, which Poplavskaya no one is waiting,” says Solntsev.