Wife Dzhigan criticized for revelations about plastic surgery

Жену Джигана раскритиковали за откровения о пластических операциях
Oksana Samoilov has decided to once again change the appearance.

Oksana Samoilova with her daughter Maya

Photo: @samoylovaoxana Instagram Oksana Samoilova

Djigan wife Oksana Samoilov often criticized by detractors. From spectacular brunette and mother of three children, there is a large number of haters, which once again criticized it in “the nines”. It happened after the wife of rapper announced the intention to resort to plastic surgery and fat grafting (to increase the “fifth point”).

Samoilov, did not expect a sharp negative reaction, responded to the criticism, noting that whether in its place, any of the 90% of podeschi — would have done as well. “Yes, the Breasts also made me a billion times better than all the stretched and sagging after childbirth. Every normal girl/woman wants to become better, prettier, sexier and it’s a perfectly healthy normal desire. The way to achieve a comfortable state to decide only for ourselves. There are problems that are not correct workouts, though unconscious train every day… and I’m sure that 90 percent of girls if you have money with pleasure would surgically one or the other “parody” their fault!” — posted by Oksana on social networks.

Samoilov gained the support of many fans on Instagram, who stood up for the wronged businesswoman. However, there were many of those who spoke out strongly against surgery, which is not enough that can harm the health, and take the girl individuality.