Stas Mikhailov has collected at the bottom of a birth of the daughter the capital’s Beau Monde

Стас Михайлов собрал на дне рождения дочери столичный бомонд The singer and his wife threw a celebration in honor of the fifth anniversary of heir. The event was attended by Yana Rudkovskaya, Pavel Astakhov, Julia Baranovskaya and many others. Daughter of Stas Mikhailov appeared at a party in identical blue dresses.

Stas Mikhailov and his wife Inna decided to throw a massive celebration, dedicated to the fifth anniversary of his daughter Masha. Caring parents have been preparing for the event, chose the theme and gifts. Eventually, the holiday turned out really gorgeous.

The birthday girl singer posted on Instagram a few joint photo with the baby.

“Here’s your first anniversary! I thank God that you were born! My little miracle, you were born on such a bright day, so you’re reduced, like the sun. We love you very much. Just be happy,” congratulated Masha’s father.

For the occasion the birthday girl and her sister Ivanna chose the same blue dresses with a fluffy skirt. The event was attended by many friends of Masha, including the son of Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeny Plushenko, Yulia Baranovskaya children, heiress of Alexander Revva.

A girl and her guests with pleasure participated in competitions, played with puppets. Late for the star children and their parents were served lunch. Inna Mikhailova chose as the main color of the holiday is white. The tables at which is friends of the family, were decorated with beautiful arrangements of white roses.

Every young guest of the event was able to experiment with face painting. While the children had fun and played, their star parents happy to be photographed together. A little later a well-known lawyer Pavel Astakhov, who was present at the ceremony, explained why loves children’s parties.

“One of the benefits of the young fathers that can be found on the children’s birthdays with your friends! To all our beloved children I wish you health and prosperity! We love You! Masha once again happy birthday and new year of life”, – wrote Astakhov in Instagram.

The heiress of Stas Mikhailov has received many gifts and congratulations. A little later the girl’s mother admitted that Masha remained in awe of the occasion.

Fans also praised the star’s parents for organizing a spectacular holiday. “Inna, you have great taste. Everything is so intelligently and interestingly done,” “What is the Goldilocks happy. You big fellows, as the daughter of many more days will remember the details of the celebration”, “Congratulations your baby. Let it grow healthy and happy,” wrote in the comments of the fans of the spouses.

Stas and Inna Mikhailov is considered one of the strongest pairs of domestic show-business. The couple do not get tired to confess to one another in love, and while my appearances always touching, holding hands.