The star of “vampire Diaries” cheated on his wife.

Звезда «Дневников вампира» обманул свою жену
Ian Somerhalder confessed to perfect their “theft.”

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki reed


38-year-old actor Ian Somerhalder, star of TV series “the vampire Diaries” managed
it is not time to regret about the made recently the statement. The fact that his
speech at the radio show have caused outrage even the most devoted of his

It all started with the fact that Ian came to the show, decided to tell the story
he apparently thought it was so funny, Somerhalder,
which this year became a father for the first time, decided to tell his
managed to arrange it so that his wife became pregnant. Indeed, although Ian got married
actress Nikki reed back in the spring of 2015, his wife was in no hurry to become a mother.
Moreover, the actress mentioned a couple of times in interviews that although she is very
loves children, Reid is not sure whether she is ready to take responsibility
for the upbringing of their own “Chad”. And This, as he admitted,
desperately wanted a child.

Therefore, according to the actor, decided on a clever trick. Once, when
Ian and Nikki were vacationing in Spain, he slowly climbed into the handbag of his wife and
got to her of birth control pills, which she that night to take another
not yet. “The packaging was almost whole, so I had to work hard until I
shook all the pills in the trash. Especially that Nicki for
dinner managed to taste a fair amount of Sangria! It is, of course,
did not expect that I could climb in her purse…” — laughingly told Ian. The actor left
so pleased with his antics that even recorded the scene on video in the phone. And
then invited his wife to go to bed. And that, too, after being
dinner in mild euphoria didn’t argue…

Many fans of the actor, upon hearing this story, came to such
the outrage that Nicky had come to
help her husband. She stated that Ian was joking: actually, that’s supposedly it
wanted a child. And told him at the time that when he’s ready to be a father,
he needs only to apply a signal to her, throwing her pills. However, the explanation
Nikki, meet her husband, believed not all.