Вдова Георгия Буркова рассказала о проклятье супруга Tatiana S. Uharova came to the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. The widow of the famous actor Georgy Burkov told the broadcaster that the Gypsy predicted for spouse, the year of his death. The movie star could not forget the words of a fortuneteller.
Вдова Георгия Буркова рассказала о проклятье супруга

Georgi Burkov became a favorite of audiences after roles in films by Eldar Ryazanov. The actor played in the film “Irony of fate or With light steam!”, “Office romance”, “Garage”… Despite a successful career, the actor always wanted to play any dramatic role.

Wife movie stars, the actress told the TV host Boris Korchevnikov how she lived with George by Surkovym and why the doctors were unable to save him.

Вдова Георгия Буркова рассказала о проклятье супруга

Tatyana Sergeevna told me that was madly in love with George Ivanovich. They met in his youth, and only death can separate them. The artist dreamed of children, but the couple’s first pregnancy ended sadly. “I had miscarriages, two boys. I was falling… the Doctors could not save. Now they could, but there were no such opportunities,” – says the woman.

In may 1966, the couple still had a daughter. A girl named Mary. She is also coming on the show and talked about the famous dad. “He took me to kindergarten for five days. Loved, adored. I even dreamed of when I was a small girl, to marry him,” Maria said.

The wife of the artist noticed that the rumors about the alcoholism of the spouse are greatly exaggerated. Georgy drank, but only on holidays.

“Yes, he drank, Yes, there were still some moments unpleasant. He was in the hospital, but not because of alcoholism, his nerves were tired… There are doctors engaged in his recovery process”, – said Tatyana Sergeevna.

Uharova remembered that the first years of married life were very difficult. Both husband and wife had a small income, mother of George Ivanovitch immediately disliked the daughter-in-law, considering Tatiana too skinny and sick, but after the birth of her granddaughter, the mother changed her temper justice with mercy. Burkov and Uharova overcame all the difficulties.

“Gathered around him the crowd. He had a quality that not everyone. If he saw that the person that something is wrong, for example, than sad, then began to tell some funny stories about himself at once the man was Veselin”, – told T. S. about the famous wife.

Вдова Георгия Буркова рассказала о проклятье супруга

The last film in which he had to withdraw Georgy Burkov, – “the promised Heaven”. The role of the President in the film he was invited by Eldar Ryazanov, but the actor did not even have time to script – broke his leg.

According to the widow of the actor, Georgy knew that withdraws from life at the age of 55 years. “Some kind of Gypsy told him that he will live to 55. Apparently, it is sunk into the head. He fell, he was broken. I came to him in the hospital, he was so joyous with his leg bandaged and raised up. But he didn’t just fall, he had during the fall was a clot. Then was not a good instrument, he was operated on. I came to his room… Everything in the movie was: rolled mattress… he was taken to cardiology, he was white. Said to me: “You just don’t go,” recalled Tatyana Sergeevna.

In the evening a woman and her daughter left the hospital. As soon as they entered the apartment, the phone rang. “19.05 his death, thromboembolism. Then the life is over,” – said the actress.