Брижит Бардо назвала движение против харассмента смешным

In an interview with Paris Match 83-year-old French actress Brigitte Bardot has called the accusations put forward by the actress against men hypocritical, ridiculous and uninteresting. She claims that many Actresses first begin to flirt with producers with the purpose of getting the desired role, and then, for PR, starting to complain about the harassment.

“The majority of accusations are hypocritical, ridiculous and uninteresting,” the beginning of the story the legendary French actress.

“Many Actresses deliberately flirts with producers to get the role. Then to talk about them in society, begin to talk about what they had coveted. In fact, it brings them more harm than good,” says her the actress.

She then admitted that was never the victim of sexual harassment, though he was a sex symbol of the 50s and 60s. “I have nothing against compliments. I was told that I was beautiful and that I have attractive ass, and it was my pleasure,” said Bardo.

Brigitte is not the first French woman, who expressed a negative opinion about the movement against harassment, which is so popular in Hollywood. Recently one hundred famous French women, led by actress Catherine Deneuve has written an open letter in which he said that “abusing women” is quite natural and is an integral part of freedom of action.

“Rape is a crime. But persistent or tactless advances — no. In light of the things Weinstein was due to legitimate attention to the problem of sexual harassment. Needed it. However, this freedom of speech today leads to the opposite: forcing us to speak as necessary, is intended to silence those who disagree,” the letter reads.

This is not the first time Deneuve expresses his disagreement to the entire situation with Weinstein. Last fall, she condemned those who fell on the producer’s allegations and launched the social media campaign #balancetonporc, which literally translates as “show your pig.”