Нумеролог: «Влад Сташевский страдает от депрессии» Singer today marks 44 years. At the moment Vlad is not recording new songs, performing at concerts and corporate parties with old hits. Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future of the singer.
Нумеролог: «Влад Сташевский страдает от депрессии»

Now Stashevsky has been in business, working for a firm engaged in the processing of metal waste and scrap, the founder of which is its relative. The actor married for the second time, he had two children – 9-year-old son Timothy from the current relationship and the 19-year-old Daniel from the first.

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the date of birth of the artist and made a prediction on his future. “Vlad was born in “Day dreams and illusion,” says Clara. His life code – 325 303 – means he is a very intelligent person, a bearer of the sign of creativity and self-sufficient man with the hypnotic and psychic abilities. But the problem is that Vlad depressive nature. He quickly loses interest in something quickly and get tired both from work and from people. He often gets depressed and withdraws into himself. It is inherent in eternal doubt, they never can be sure – neither in the future nor to himself. Besides, he has to make on their own, luck is not helping him in life. Work the same Stashevsky does not like, he often is lazy. But the actor is very charismatic and soul of the company – being with him, people are instantly fascinated by a star.”

“Today in the life of Vlada difficult period. A celebrity in depression, with already six years. The coming year is very dangerous for him, it’s time deceptions. It is impossible to invest in any business projects is a risk to lose money, a celebrity can substitute. Especially careful you have to be in the summer. To gain energy, he should engage in spiritual practices, visit the Holy places. And then leave it mood swings, depression will pass, and the dangerous period will be over.”

Vlad is one of those people who should not be ashamed to ask for help, then their business will go to the mountain. But he is a very tactful person, it is always difficult to ask for help. The star need to get rid of hesitation, then he will have good luck”.