Cуществовать в мире звуков My meeting with the chief Russian discovery in the world of serious music.
Cуществовать в мире звуков

On the anniversary of our journal, which we celebrate in the Multimedia Art Museum, it was fun, but very noisy. The only person who managed to calm the crowd of guests, it was, alas, not me. On the improvised scene there was a slender cute guy, and sat down at the piano and paused even those who decided to put the record for the number of consumed glasses of champagne. And he played a musician, an orchestral Suite in five parts of his own composition. The question about his loud the name he considers most boring. And, summarizing, the answer is 28-year-old Cyril Richter was like, “No, it’s not an alias, and no relation to the world-famous musician Sviatoslav Richter I don’t have.” It turns out that Richter is the name of his grandmother from the mother. And in General, in their family there was not a musician. For example, my grandfather was a famous physicist. So after school when Cyril went his footsteps in the city of the peaceful atom Obninsk received a diploma of the Institute of nuclear power nobody was surprised.

– Tell you, even the design of submarines doing?

– Of course, it loudly. But in the graphical Department, where I studied were courses in industrial design, however, the iconography we also taught.

– But for defense you to work did not, and went into the British Higher school of design majoring in Fashion Design and even then released her own clothing line? By the way, you in their stuff? You look great!

– Clothes for myself – a very exhausting and the last thing you do. Because others will try, but for myself… I’m looking for things where you will fall, sometimes share with friends. I read that even Leonardo DiCaprio borrows shirts from friends. In General, I have classic a size 48, so all the costumes prêt-à-porter sitting almost perfectly.

– Still, why did you rush to conquer the peaks of high fashion?

– I wanted to do something with their hands. Feel how clothes can change a person, but then I got bored. It can be exhausting. In the fashion industry there is a bad, exhausting stress, so many people depend on you.

And the music isn’t there stress?

Is different, the stress does not destroy. He supports, develops.

Cуществовать в мире звуков

– The story of how you as an external student for the year she graduated from music school, and the exam Professor of the Conservatory, listening to your performance, crying, has bypassed all the glossy magazines. How to teach people to serious music?

– A week ago, I met the grandson of Sergei Prokofiev – Gabriel, who now lives in London, and we were just talking about what classical music is now incorrectly served. You sit on a hard seat, surrounded by strangers, mostly elderly people. And through music you can go on a real intellectual journey. It is able to fascinate you, to excite, to lead to creative thoughts, and even classics can be very rebellious. What makes now Teodor Currentzis? Collects fashionable secular audience and literally forces her to listen to music they would never in my life did not listen.

– “I like to exist in a world of sounds”, – Sergey Kuryokhin is beautifully told. But where do you get those incredible power chords?

– Philip glass once said that in his time it was easier to write because not so many employed methods and techniques. And now the widespread eclecticism. But that doesn’t mean I listen to the ringing of your spoon in the glass of tea. Mostly I write about people. Any tricks with us playing memory? What events come to visit you from the past? How are our roads? I travel a lot, I am very interested in the sounds of another city. Signals ambulance – re-Sol, bell tower – f-sharp. And in that key I begin to improvise. Absolutely natural state – not to resist what offers you the world. Open the good that it can bring.

– You know that “Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini” by Sergei Rachmaninoff is one of your favorite pieces. What do you feel when you hear it?

– Envy that I didn’t write this, I have not. Only admiration. And I’m wondering, is it possible for life to come at least close to that?

– A lot where you are, even in the Pushkin Museum recently played, writing music for movies, collaborating with the Mariinsky theatre…

– With the Mariinsky again, loudly. While there is not even a one-act play, and a small room for nine minutes. The performance is interesting from the point of view of implementation of composing solutions. And a movie for the same reasons curious. With Director Ivan Tverdovskiy we are currently working on a film about a boy who felt no pain. His mother gave him to an orphanage, and then took to cash in, tossing under expensive cars. In English the movie is called Japmen, and in Russian-“Toss”. To tell a story through music and visuals – is incredibly exciting.

– You teach?

– I tell people that I was once the most admired, and when the audience becomes clearer that, for example, to the music of Claude Debussy come in a special mood, I’m happy. “Arabesque” he’s absolutely charming.