Widow Maranova hopes for a fair outcome in the battle for the legacy

Вдова Марьянова надеется на честный результат в борьбе за наследство Ksenia BIK suffered heavy death of a beloved. Dmitry Maryanov left no will, so his relatives will have to divide the property. However, the young woman hopes that family members will be able to do without scandals.
Вдова Марьянова надеется на честный результат в борьбе за наследство

Dmitry Maryanov died more than four months ago, but his relatives are still hard to believe what happened. The widow of the artist seldom sees the light and tries not to give an interview. However, for the program “You wouldn’t believe.” she made an exception.

Ksenia talked about the fact that he tries to come to terms with the incident and is not offended by haters who daily accuse her for the death of Maranova. Now the main joy BIC is shared with Dmitry’s daughter.

“She’s trying to protect me, to protect from all that is happening. And I’m not asking about that. She got there, and now is my main support,” commented communication with the girl is the widow of the artist.
Вдова Марьянова надеется на честный результат в борьбе за наследство

Kseniya also not paid attention to and the controversial topic of the division of property. The fact that Dmitry Maryanov left no will. That is why the section of the inheritance will take place between the father and the son from his first marriage, his second wife and daughter.

According to BICK, she is well aware that due to the large sums of money and two apartments in Moscow can be a war. However, the young woman does not want to take part in it. It will enter into the battle for the inheritance, only if her rights are violated.

“I’m not a bride. I’m from a good family, and I have to live on. In these legal subtleties, I absolutely do not understand, with no one to consult. Understand that now may start and want everything to be according to the law. If the situation is resolved fairly from a legal point of view, I have no claims to be,” said BICK.

The young woman knows that her accusations are often heard. She tries not to pay attention to it. Psychologist believes that such conversations do not merit serious experiences. “We are all afraid of condemnation from neighbors, their rumors and gossip. But you know, I came to the conclusion that it is impossible to go to all the neighbors and prove to them his innocence. Now I wish the people who say bad things about me, to find a simple human happiness” – said Ksenia.

Father Maryanov, whose correspondents of the program “You wouldn’t believe!” also interviewed noted that the BIC and granddaughter didn’t visit. However, this is due to the fact that the widow of Dmitry hard to appear in a country house, which is so adored by her husband.

Fans hope that his family will be able to resolve all the issues with the inheritance without scandals. Apparently, she dreams that the division of property took place without unnecessary noise, and a black stripe in her life finally ended.