Татьяну Ларину поздравляют с долгожданной беременностью Video birthday visible rounded tummy of a young woman. Tatyana Larina has not commented on his interesting position. However, fans are confident that in the next few days she will make a statement.
Татьяну Ларину поздравляют с долгожданной беременностью

21 Feb Tatyana Larina said birthday. The star threw a party for their friends in one of the best cultural restaurants of the capital. For occasion, a young woman chose a tight dress to the floor, which caused a lot of questions from her fans. The fact that the outfit showed rounded tummy witches.

Fans were delighted with the video from the party. They rushed to congratulate the witch with the imminent addition to the family.

“Is she pregnant? Here is the joy”, “looks Great, however, as always, the Belly is noticeable, but maybe just got better”, – shared his opinion the fans are psychic.

Tatyana Larina in no hurry to comment on the suggestions of fans. Earlier, a young woman repeatedly admitted that he dreams of becoming a mother for the second time. Together with her husband Julius Mydevice-Galecki psychic tried several times to get pregnant. Also a couple resorted to IVF, but it did not help her find the long-awaited family happiness.

In September 2017, there was news that Larina broke up with her husband. The young woman confirmed this information in a social network, noting that she was very upset.

“I decided to wear all black, because they bury his past life. That is, I have it divided into “before” and “after”. (…) I can’t say that I am very upset. No matter what anyone wanted, everyone would still get a divorce. Love for life does not exist… In Christianity there is monogamy, and it’s wrong. Man is an animal he can’t live with one person. Stories about love to the grave – not true, because the physics still works”, – said the psychic.

After that spouses are almost never seen together, but their reunion was there. Now these rumors have allegedly been confirmed. Earlier Larina repeatedly made it clear that her husband cheated on her, and she could not forgive him that.

At the party in honor of the birthday of the stars of “Battle of psychics” has gathered her many friends. The birthday girl had a rest and had fun the whole evening receiving the congratulations. It is not known were there on holiday Mitkevich-dalecki.

Among fans of Tatiana there were also those who deny her possible pregnancy. According to these fans, the psychic just picked the wrong dress. They believe that once in a lifetime Larina will be that happy event, she will notify the subscribers. Meanwhile, a young woman prefers to remain silent.