Резидент Comedy Club предложил Ольге Бузовой решить конфликт на сцене Andrey Skorokhod tired of the harassment and wants to seek justice. He wrote a message to Olga Buzova from his character rapper Gibati. The man believes that their conflict should be resolved on the scene.

Not so long ago Olga Buzova was in the midst of the scandal. She decided to sue the resident of Comedy Club Andrey Skorokhod due to the fact that the comedian insulted her. According to the presenter, a real man could not behave like that.

On the eve of Andrey Skorokhod tried to resolve a conflict situation. He wrote on Instagram that he has no claims to Buzova.

“I want to remind you what started the conflict: I posted a picture that someone did not like. I’m not offended Olga Buzova, and the first offensive word “nepomuscene” sounded from her lips. The conflict I have with inadequate fans of Mrs. Buzova,” said Skorokhod.

However, the issue was not settled. Olga Buzova said he would not allow anyone to insult her honor and favorite of fans. Apparently, Andrew decided to abandon the world and recorded a video on behalf of your character Globate addressed to the presenter. In it, he invites the young singer on the music battle.

“This appeal to Olga Buzova. I don’t think you and I have a conflict, but if you think so, suggest to settle the conflict as it is done in the twenty-first century. I challenge you to a rap battle. And what singing there is no need so that you can handle. Sing for drunk we both know,” said the comedian.

To address Globate immediately fell hundreds of angry comments. Fans of Olga believe that Andrew degrading for her, confident that he would remain unpunished. “Let the court goes clearly. Now you’re going to earn money for Buzova”, “she a week for five concerts, she doesn’t care about you”, “Clearly went too far with humor. This is a shame and not a man” – opinions of fans of the stars.

Olga herself has yet to respond to the statements of the opponent. However, fans are confident that the presenter will not participate in the rap battle. She clearly stated its position, noting that it will plead with the Outrunner.

Because of the conflict with the resident Comedy Club at Buzova has soured relations with Timur by Batrutdinova. The presenter stressed that offended by friends, comedians, because they stood up for her. Fans hope that Olga will be able to cope with the next wave of negativity directed at her.